SPARKcon, Raleigh’s Festival of Creativity

16 Sep

Best wishes to my Dad today! Happy Birthday, Dad!!!


My brothers birthday was on Saturday and my sister and I decided to take him out to celebrate at a surprise location. We decided to take him to a local art festival which had some science stuff as well which is what we thought he would like.


The first thing we noticed was all the sidewalk chalk art! AMAZING!!!! Here are some of my favorites!

photo 1

All the artwork was truly amazing! They also had tents with vendors and homemade snacks. We skipped the snacks to find lunch at a place called Cala Vela which specializes in making empanadas. It was delicious! I had two empanadas that had beans and cheese and sweet potatoes. Who would have thought to put sweet potatoes in empanadas?!?!

At one of the tents set up you could write down a significant event that happened in Raleigh and than pin it on this huge map. You could even write personal messages so I wrote one for my brother and had him post it on the map where we were for the festival.


I think my brother had a great day and it was definitely a good time to spend together!



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