Farmers Market, Book Sale, and Delicious Dinner!

9 Sep

After two days of low ropes course training, kayaking, and lifeguarding it was finally time to take some me-time. So Sunday morning I met up with a friend and we headed to the farmers market here in Raleigh!

Raleigh Downtown Farmers MarketWhen I lived in Wilmington I went to the farmers market a few times and loved it! Something about the local fresh fruits and vegetables and the smell of delicious baked bread that filled the streets brought me back time after time. Since moving back to the Raleigh area last year I haven’t been to the farmers market yet so I made it a priority this weekend since I knew I was going to be in town.

I knew I wanted to find some fresh peaches as the last two times I’ve been to the grocery store to get some they have been bruised and too soft. Good news is I found peaches…. and much more! I also found some fresh whole grain bread that I couldn’t resist and my friend bought some pineapple salsa for us to share. I never thought of putting pineapple in salsa but the sweet kick of pineapple definitely makes this salsa so much better!


Delicious whole grain bread, fresh peaches, and pineapple salsa!

After the farmers market we went to the grocery store to get some tortilla chips to dip into our new salsa! It was amazing! I told my friend that I bet we could make it so we will probably try that in the next few weeks.


After the farmers market we went to a warehouse in Raleigh that has huge book sales once a month. All the books are $1 so we definitely took advantage on that sale! I was specifically looking for any American Sign Language books or vegetarian cook books (who can have enough of those?) but unfortunately didn’t find any ASL books and the cookbooks I found either didn’t have photos, which are important since I don’t normally cook, or didn’t look appetizing to me. I didn’t think I would find an abundance of either since all these books are previously owned so I wasn’t torn apart by it. I did walk out of their with another type of cookbook though… found an ice cream recipe book!


I like ice cream but it’s not normally my go-to snack. With this new ice cream cook book I may be making it more over the summer months though! I was excited to find this book but even more thrilled to find it had sorbet recipes as well! Sorbet isn’t has filling or heavy as ice cream so I find that I eat it more often when I can. Check out some of these recipes I can’t wait to make and try!




And the sorbets… yum!


It all looks so good, I can’t wait to start experimenting with some of these recipes before it gets too cold out!

To close the weekend, my friend taught me how to make a creamy tomato soup that we had for dinner Sunday night. I wasn’t fond of the diced tomatoes in it but it was really good with the grilled cheese we made as well.

IMG_5302Such a good closing to a busy weekend!




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