Quest Bar Review

31 Jul

I had the opportunity to try Quest Bars a few months ago and found them pretty good! I was mailed two different flavors, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and White Chocolate Raspberry, which were both good in their own way.


Let’s first talk about the box that these bars came in…. can we say AMAZING?!?!?! Just take a minute and read each side of this box that these bars came in.





Great words of wisdom, am I right? First impression of these was definitely a good one! Once opening the box I found two Quest Bars that I was eager to try.


I’m not a huge fan of chocolate but when it comes to chocolate chip cookie dough I am pretty much in heaven! So I was pleased to see that was the chocolate flavor I received! Plus getting a white chocolate raspberry bar was a great surprise as well.

When I first opened the chocolate chip cookie dough bar I was surprised as to how ‘chalky’ looking these are. They didn’t crumble in my hand like I thought they would though. These are a good to-go snack because they don’t crumble as you go which is my biggest pet-peeve when it comes to granola / protein bars.

photo 2


I could taste more of the cookie dough than I could the chocolate but that suited me just fine as I don’t particularly like chocolate. I also found that these weren’t too heavy on my stomach. I was a little worried about that when I first unwrapped them because they look very thick and filling but it wasn’t a bad feeling after eating them at all! The white chocolate raspberry was delicious as well. Again, more of a raspberry taste than a white chocolate taste but it meshed well together!

What I love about these Quest Bars is that the sugar that comes in these bars comes from things like nuts and freeze-dried fruit! They also manufacture all the flavored crumbles that go into their protein bars including the cookies and cream, white chocolate chunks and the white chocolate raspberry pieces.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.10.10 PM

Also found these great looking Quest Cravings peanut butter cups which I am soooooooo looking forward to trying in the near future here!



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