New Food of the Month – March!

2 Apr

A few days ago I shared that it’s been really hard for me to find new fruits and vegetables that I haven’t tried. I found a handful of new foods at Harris Teeter late last week and ended up buying a starfruit to try… which honestly wasn’t too bad!


When I got to the grocery store last week and found the starfruit I had to pull out my cell phone to look up how to pick a good starfruit. One person walking by was starring at me as I was browsing the internet while starring at the fruit stands but I wanted to make sure I bought a good one for my first try!

The website I found had five main steps in picking and caring for your starfruit:

1. Figure out the color starfruit you want. At first when reading this I thought, “Starfruit is all the same color! What does this mean??” Looking closer at the handful of starfruit on the stand at the store I noticed that some are more yellow and some are more green which meant that I THAN had to look up the difference between the yellow and the green. What I found was that the yellow ones are sweeter where as the green ones are more acidic. I prefer sweet taste, I definitely have a sweet tooth, so I went for more of a yellow one.

2.  Pick larger star fruits for more of a sweet taste. Smaller fruits won’t taste as sweet. So of course I went for a larger (more yellow) starfruit!!



3. Look for firm starfruit. Your starfruit shouldn’t have any blemishes, bruises or cuts in it. That can mean there are bad spots in the fruit (much like apples or pears). The one I picked had a few brown stops on it but there were more on the edges so I didn’t think it would make a huge difference in the taste of the fruit.

4. Store fruit in the fridge. I figured this since it’s much like other fruit. Two days went by between the day I bought it and the day I ate it and keeping it in the fridge probably kept it fresher during that time.

5. Cut and enjoy! A few days after buying my starfruit I was ready to cut into it and try it for the first time…. I had to first figure out how to prepare it. Much like the pomegranate I tried in January, it was a bit more complicated than I had imagined.

After rinsing my starfruit, I had to cut the ends off than cut the corner of each of the points of the star.


After that, it was pretty simple as I just had to slice it like I would an onion or a banana. I love the star shape to this fruit!!! It truly makes eating it SO much better!!


Once you slice it you have to make sure to pick out the seeds. They aren’t harmful to eat but, much like apple seeds, it’s better to not eat them. There was only one thing left to do… FINALLY TRY STARFRUIT!!!


I’ve read that starfruit taste like apples or pears, a bit sweet but still has that citrus taste to it. I found that it tasted more like a pear than anything at first but the more I ate it I realized it taste like a watered down apple. It wasn’t bad but I think I can safely say it’s not my favorite fruit. These are so good for you though so I may end up buying them again in the future, if they weren’t so expensive I feel like I would buy them more often. :/

Any suggestions of what I should try next?


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