The Search For New Foods

29 Mar

One of my New Years goals is to try a new food each month. At first I thought, “This will be easy! There are SO many foods I haven’t tried yet!”… three months in these are my thoughts, “I’VE TRIED EVERYTHING!!!”

Being a vegetarian I don’t eat any meat or seafood so I’m trying to focus my new foods on fruits and vegetables this year… part of the whole eating healthy goal as well. In January I tried Pomegranate for the first time. It was very sweet and a bit hard to get into but worth the try. I missed eating a new food in February (the month just got away from me!) and than March came. For the past 28 days I’ve been trying to think of foods I’ve never tried before and I’ve finally found it!

As I was at Harris Teeter tonight I found SO MANY new fruits I am so excited to try! I seriously wanted to buy them all and try everyone of them tonight… but limited myself to only one. I ended up buying a starfruit. I’ve heard of them a lot and have seen them quite a few times in the store but it’s not something I grew up with in the house (probably because they are expensive, just like pomegranate). I haven’t gotten into it yet but I’m excited to try it this weekend!


I also found this fruit called pepino sitting next to the starfruit. I’ve never seen it before! Maybe that will be next months new food.



I ALSO found these melons that are suppose to be super good! Again, I’ve seen them around but have never bought them! They are called a horned melon… the names fits so well!



The last exotic fruit that I saw were these small packaged fruits called kumquats. My dad said he saw them a lot in Florida growing in his backyard when he was younger. He said they are a little sweet and taste a bit like pears… I bet I will love these!!


kumquat up close.. looks good!

kumquat up close.. looks good!


I can’t wait to get into my starfruit this weekend!!!! I’m glad I now know I can go to Harris Teeter to find new and exciting fruit to try!

Has anyone tried any of these fruits? Suggestions for other fruits or vegetables to try please!!!

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