February Tips & Tricks

1 Mar

I am loving my day-to-day calendar from Runner’s World! There’s something about the excitement of tearing off yesterday’s fitness fact to read today’s new fact or encouraging quote. Here are some of my favorites from February!


I’ve never thought about this when coming in from a good run, but I can defiantly relate! I love the feeling of a good run!


Ever since breaking my ankle in July of 2011 I’ve had problems running long distances on it, especially in the winter time. I was thrilled to read this on my calendar and hope that it helps in strengthening my ankle so I can run on it better!


This is such great advice! Lately I’ve been keeping my distances quite small since I strongly dislike running in cold weather but as the weather warms I hope to finally get on some new trails I’ve been eyeing in Raleigh!


I originally took a photo of this so I could remember the title of this movie and watch it later. (Has anyone ever seen this movie?) I very much enjoy watching running inspired films, or any sport really. One of my favorites is Cool Runnings!


I find that I feel better through out the day if I get a good run in the morning than the evening… of course because I’m not a morning person that normally only happens on race days. Typically I do my runs when I get home from work… than that usually means I get an early bedtime!


I love the ideas of long runs… now, if they actually happen is a different story. 😛

IMG_1577 Absolutely agree with this race day statement!

I would suggest this day-by-day calendar to all runners! What a great way to start my day! Keep an eye out for my favorite facts in March!


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