And I’m Back!

25 Feb

Talk about disappearing for ages!! I don’t think I’ve properly blogged in about two weeks! :O What a two weeks it’s been too. About a week and a half ago we got hit with a pretty big blizzard here in the triangle area. And by pretty big I mean we haven’t had that much snow in years and half the state shut down! (Of course if you’re from up north, this was probably nothing for you).

This was my first experience driving in inches of snow and I was terrified to say the least! I had planned on leaving work around noon as we expected to start getting snow about that time, but didn’t leave until one when we already had a good three inches on the road. I was worried that my 2003 Cadillac wouldn’t make it the 30 minute drive home so I started making phone calls to close by friends. Luckily I found a friend who lives 15 minutes away and whose house didn’t require me to get on the highways, since they were backed up for hours! I was stopped on the road for, what seemed like, ages… so what better than to do than take photos when you aren’t moving!

This is how far away I stopped from other cars... safety first!

This is how far away I stopped from other cars… safety first!

After parking my car at an apartment complex I hopped in a friends SUV, which made the ride a little easier. Especially since we than drove roads that seemed a little better than the back roads I drove on.

We passed the local news filming for the evening news!

We passed the local news filming for the evening news!

Passed the ramp to the highway... what a mess!

Passed the ramp to the highway… what a mess!

And the backed up highway! I'm so thankful I didn't have to sit in that traffic!

And the backed up highway! I’m so thankful I didn’t have to sit in that traffic!

What would have normally taken me about 20 minutes to drive took THREE AND A HALF HOURS!!!!! It was horrid! I never want to drive in ice and snow like that again!

With just ONE MILE to go from meeting my friend to jump in her car, I was stopped and stuck in bad traffic on an off road. I called her freaking out a little, hoping that I wouldn’t get stuck there with the deep snow and ice. The three cars in front of me were getting stuck and blocking both lanes of traffic… so as you can imagine… I was terrified. While talking with my friend though I explained that even if I did get stuck and had to stay in my car I HAD FOOD! She laughed at me. In all seriousness though, my dad always taught us kids to keep water and granola bars or other foods that wouldn’t go bad in the emergency book bag in the truck. Well, somehow my car ended up with NO emergency bag but I did have a couple bottles of water, two granola bars, an apple, and a can of mandarin oranges with a pop top lid! I was prepared!

The snow finally disappeared and it’s warming up outside again! I’ve just started up my miles again, though I’m not going as far as I once was for the mere fact that I’ve been sick lately so I’d rather focus on getting healthy again than pushing myself in miles.

How much snow did you get last week?





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