Snow Won’t Slow Me Down!

29 Jan

North Carolina has its own mind when it comes to weather! Monday we had 70-something degree weather and I went out on a run in a short sleeve shirt and felt wonderful! Tuesday we had a chance of snow, which ended up not starting until I left work at 5.30… than didn’t stop falling until after I went to bed.


I ended up going to a friends house last night for dinner (potato soup night… so delicious!!). She had me and another friend over to eat with her and her family which was really nice. After dinner we realized the snow was coming down harder and harder so we decided to head out before we got snowed in. I drove behind my friend to her house since she lived only five minutes away instead of the 25 minutes it would have taken me to get home. I’m actually really glad I headed to her house because the roads were AWFUL! Especially driving in my 1993 Cadillac (aka. the granny car)… I’ve determined my car does not like the snow and ice and is not equipped to handle such roads! I was relieved when I made it to my friends house safely!

I ended up calling out of work this morning because, well after my drive last night I didn’t want to struggle on the roads again. We woke up pretty early and hiked in the snow to the grocery store to grab some snow day food. All together we walked 1.5 miles… at least it’s something, right? 🙂


As I’ve stated before, I hate the cold weather but when it comes to snow I don’t mind it as much. That’s as long as it doesn’t stick around for more than 48 hours. After two days of snow I’m over it and ready for the 70 degree weather to be back!

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 2.52.06 PM


Looks like we may be in luck next week… but knowing North Carolina I’m not getting my hopes up.


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