Week Three of The Winter Miles Challenge

24 Jan

A couple of weeks ago my mom and I signed up for this Winter Miles Challenge that we found on RunwithJess‘ blog. I wrote an entry about it when I signed up for it (you can read my initial thoughts on the challenge HERE). We are now into week three of the eight week challenge and I have to say that I DO feel challenged!

Firstly I should explain my goal for each week and why I chose that goal. Jess set up five different goals that you can choose from week to week. My mom and I chose to go with the 10 miles/week goal for a few different reasons. The main reason that I chose this level is because it’s FREAKIN’ COLD OUTSIDE!!!! Have I ever mentioned that I hate cold weather?!?! (When I was younger my parents always taught me that ‘hate’ is a very strong word and we don’t ‘hate’ anything, we ‘strongly dislike’… but I think I can safely say I hate cold weather!) I do not do well in cold weather at all, especially when it comes to running! I mean, really, who runs in cold weather and actually enjoys it?!?! There are some people who do and that’s ok. Than there is me who doesn’t run in cold weather… unless there is a shiny medal waiting for me at the end of the race, than I MIGHT. Cold weather is the very main reason that I postpone all of my races until the spring though! It was hard enough (and cold enough) for me to run my last race, which was in November, that I can’t imagine running a race right now… in 12 degree weather!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 1.49.06 PM

I have to say that even though 10 miles per week isn’t ALOT, I’m lucky if I hit that between the months of December to January. We don’t have a gym close by that we are a member of and no treadmill in the house (although that’s on my wish list for the future!) so we have to plan pretty carefully as to when to fit in these miles in this weather! My friend has a pretty nice gym at her apartment complex that I’ve been using as of lately which is really great, especially when she goes with me and I have that extra support from her. Other than that I am able to walk and sometimes go on runs throughout the warmer part of the day here at work which is great!

We are currently on week three of eight of this challenge. Week one was a blow-out… I only made 3.1 miles of the 10 mile goal. I should point out that I don’t plan to be perfect at this goal or even to get ten miles in each week, but it’s a good GOAL to have and to work towards. Last week, week two, I hit the TEN MILE MARK on Friday…. right before I went to swim for the weekend to get certified in my lifeguard instructor certification. I was really REALLY proud that I hit my weekly mark even though the weather could have very easily held me inside!!

Today is Friday of week three and guess how many miles I’ve ran this week. O. That is indeed a lonely number.:'(

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 1.47.40 PM

In this depressing news there is still hope though! Each weeks challenge doesn’t end until Saturday night (you see where I am getting at here??), so technically I could, and plan to, run five miles today and five miles tomorrow morning before my weekend adventures really start. That’s pushing it a bit but I would really LOVE to hit my goal this week!

What will help me in running in these miles before the end of the week, you may ask?? The answer… nothing but MY NEW RUNNING HOODIE!!!


I am totally in love with this new hoodie!! My mom, cousin, and I each bought a hoodie for this challenge that reads, ‘Winter Miles Bring Spring Smiles’. It’s very light fit too! Feel just like a t-shirt but has a hood and a front pouch. What could be better, right?? I was visiting my sister one evening last week and I mentioned that I have way too many hoodies. Her reply was, “you can never have too many hoodies!” That made me feel a little better about receiving this new one in the mail two days later.

Well here’s to trying to fit in ten miles in the next 24 hours in this cold weather. I think I can do it. I KNOW I can do it! Let’s do this!!


One Response to “Week Three of The Winter Miles Challenge”

  1. Run with Jess January 25, 2014 at 20:47 #

    You can totally do it!! 🙂 And actually Sunday miles count too! Each wk is Mon-Sun. So glad you like your hoodie – it looks GREAT on you!!

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