Long Weekend Behind Me… Ten Miles Ahead Of Me

21 Jan

This weekend was one of the most exhausting weekends I’ve had in a very long time! ALL weekend I was in class to get certified as a lifeguard instructor, meaning I can now teach and certify others to be lifeguards. What a course to sit through! I had to leave work early on Friday to get to the pool at 5:30… than it was non-stop swimming and training and teaching and studying until 9:30 Sunday night!


After passing the pre-test!

Such a long weekend but I am glad that everyone in my class worked hard and passed!

So much paperwork and studying but I PASSED!

So much paperwork and studying but I PASSED!

It was so nice at the end of the weekend to come back home… especially to my furry child!


Cuddles with the furry one!

Needless to say I didn’t get any running in this weekend, but I am totally ok with that with all the swimming we did! I had a really good week last week getting in ten miles!

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 7.12.13 PM


I have another goal of ten miles this week which may be a little harder since I didn’t run today, but I have confidence that I can do! I will do it! I have until Saturday to finish this goal of mine, that’s do-able, right? I was so excited when it was warm outside today! Got me super stoked about the rest of the week. Unfortunately today was a spoof… it’s suppose to be SO COLD the rest of the week!

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 9.38.33 PM

That’s North Carolina weather for you!



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