New Years Goal #5

11 Jan


I’ve already set quite a few health and fitness goals for this year but here’s my last one that I’ve decided to make officially for 2014. Along with setting a milage goal for the year I usually set some sort of goal to run a certain amount of races as well. The year before last I remember setting a goal to run a race every month, which I loved because that meant I was (mostly) keeping up with my trainings. Though I loved running races every month that goal got a bit expensive so last year I decided to run two half marathons (one in a state I haven’t completed yet), and a handful of smaller races. This year I’ve decided to complete ten races of any distance


I already have two half marathons planned (Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh & Women’s Rock Half in Minnesota) plus a couple virtual runs.




I’m not planning heaps of races for 2014 because a lot of my money is going towards a HUGE trip I am planning (that trip will be revealed in a few days)! I still plan on training through out the year and hitting that 300 mile goal by the end of 2014!

What are some of your New Years Goals?



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