New Years Goal #1

7 Jan

I’m not sure I’ve started 2014 off to the greatest of starts. I have just now established what my health & fitness goals will be for 2014, a week into the new year. I think this is the appropriate time to use the saying “better late than never”, am I right?


My first goal that I’ve officially made is that I plan to run 300 miles this year. Not quite off to a good start not running any miles in the first week, but I have a feeling that will change! For the past couple of years I have made a goal to run 200 miles in the year and though I stop keeping track a few months into the new year, I have a feeling that I have either reached that goal or have been really close. I want to push myself this year and so I’ve bumped up the mileage for the next twelve months.

The way I have kept track of miles ran in the past hasn’t worked out for me too well. I either forget to log into my online account and track them or I started keeping track someplace else and found I had miles all over the place. I need a really good place to track my running. *This is where you all come in!* Any suggestions on websites or apps or other ways to keep my milage down until December?

Keep an eye out for goal #2 to be posted shortly!

What kind of programs do you use to keep track of your milage in the year?


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