Christmas Break 2013

30 Dec

Looking at my calendar I’ve realized it has been far too long since posting! I’ll tell you making your Christmas presents really takes a tole on your free time, but I think it’s totally worth it when people open them! Now that Christmas has come and gone I can share some of the presents that I made for my family this year.

I always try and do something small for each of my parents and than a big present for them together. My mom has been talking the past couple of years about hanging photographs up in our house so I put together these framed photos of all the dogs we’ve had/have. Needless to say, they loved it! The picture of the photo frame is a bit odd but it’s the best I could get.


My sister loves elephants (I think a lot of that love started when we traveled to South Africa together a few years back and we spent one afternoon walking, feed, and riding elephants) so for the past couple of Christmas’ her gift has been elephant themed. This year I decided to make a simple canvas painting for her. Well simple is what I thought. All I have to say is that I’m glad I bought a 2-pack of canvases. I ended up messing up the first one (majorly) and re-painted the entire thing on Christmas Eve. The second one turned out so much better though, I was very pleased with it!


The mountain in the background is actually Table Mountain, a popular mountain in Cape Town, South Africa that we went up on a cloudy day while we were there. My sister loves it and is planning on hanging it up in her apartment!

As in one of my previous post I expressed my Dad’s like for Spongebob. For the past ten or eleven years I have created a new character from the TV show for his to display on his desk at work. This year I created (probably the only reoccurring characters that are left for me to make) two of the shows biggest super heroes. I figured since they were together most often on the show than they should come as a package deal.

Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy

Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy

I have to say these turned out a lot better than expected! Another gift that I had to try and do a few times before getting it right (though I blame most of that on the dried out clay I tried to use). It took Dad a few minutes to think of their names but I think he recognized them as soon as he opened the box. He also said he is going to have to find a new location to display his collection as they are starting to take up a great amount of room on his desk!

For my brother I recycled an empty circle Coke bottle and made it into a Christmas ornament for him. Two years ago I had this crazy idea to paint a Mario on one of those holiday circle Coke bottles and make it into an ornament for him. It turned out a bit funny looking but my brother liked it non the less. I skipped last year because I had another idea of a present for him but this year went back to making an ornament of Luigi this time. I don’t have a photo of these ornaments yet but I’ll be sure to take one and post it shortly!

Than for my Mom I designed a magazine cover with her photo on it! This was a tricky one to do but I had the idea for months and wanted so badly to make it work. I think it turned out pretty good, and she loves it!


It’s a bit flimsy so she hasn’t brought it to work to show her co-workers yet but she is excited to share it with everyone!

That’s just a glimpse of what our Christmas looked like! Hope everyone had a good holiday! Back to running entries shortly!


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