Planning Christmas

10 Dec

Well I’ve been out of blogging for a week or two now and what a week it’s been! I feel like I’ve been going and going and not sleeping…. a bad combination!

I tend to make my Christmas presents every year for my family and, though it sounds like a great idea in October, it comes back to bite me in the bum in December! I have some pretty big items I’m making this year that take a lot of time and effort. Today I realized that Christmas is in TWO weeks! Two weeks to complete these presents! Since I was in high school I’ve made my Dad a new Spongebob character. It sounds a bit goofy but after doing it for so many years I couldn’t stop until I had completed the Spongebob cast.

IMG00022-20101207-0952You can tell the ones I did earlier on… they are falling apart! A few years ago I put together this picture frame for my parents with all the important dates on it from our family.

533385_558147509055_680481373_nIt’s hard to beat that but I think I have a pretty good idea for a good present this year! Now just to plan it out and get it done in the next two weeks…




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