NC National MPS Society 5k Run: Race Recap

19 Nov

Saturday I ran the MPS 5k run here in Raleigh, NC. This was my second year running it and I have to say it was a great race to run!



My sister was unsure weather to run or volunteer for this run so she decided if they didn’t need extra hands the morning of the race she would run, otherwise she would help with pre-race and post-race festivities. She meant to pick me up at 8.30am for the 9 o’clock race but ran late because she picked up breakfast for us. We ended up arriving at the pick-up tent right at 9 and at the start line at 9:03. So you guessed it, all the runners already started and there I was trying to pin my number on quickly to catch up! My sisters friend, Leslie, barely said hi to me before telling me to, “Run! Just run that way!” as she pointed to the start line. I was so frazzled I didn’t even cross the start line and ran right past it.


I usually start races with a good head on my shoulders but this race I started feeling like a headless runner! I was so worried that I would be on my own the whole run, that I would cross the finish line dead last. Luckily that didn’t happen!

Started this run three minutes past the start time... oops

Started this run three minutes past the start time… oops

For the first five minutes or so I was on my own… on a trail run… in the middle of the woods. Not a good feeling!

Running all alone in the woods.... spooky!

Running all alone in the woods…. spooky!

Within the first couple minutes of the run feeling lost!

Within the first couple minutes of the run feeling lost!

I ended up catching up with some of the walkers and passing them so I felt a little better. Before I knew it I was passing runners and I knew, though I was the last to start, I wasn’t going to be the last to finish.

I was a little worried about this trail run because I didn’t want to get lost in the woods and not be able to find the finish line (if you know me you know that I get lost ALOT hence why I was worried about a run in the woods). The organizers of this run did such a great job not only marking miles but directing runners on the proper trails. For the corners that they didn’t have ‘MPS 5k RUN THIS WAY —->’ signs, they had volunteers directing runners which was not only good directions but they did a great job supporting us runners!

Starting in mile two they also had fact signs about MPS! I thought this was really clever. Why not learn about the disease you are running for during the race… how great!

MPS fact sign along the course

MPS fact sign along the course

The good thing about this run was that there weren’t many hills! I’ve realized that if you want a nice flat course to run Raleigh is not the place for that, but luckily this run was pretty flat! Before I knew it I was approaching the finish line where my sister and her friends were waiting for me. I didn’t have time to start my Garmin since I was a couple minutes late for the race AND I didn’t officially cross the start line (I ran right next to it) so I don’t think my timing chip timed me either, so I am guesstimating that I finished the race in about 30 minutes.

Post Race

This year I was able to stay after the race for the picnic they host right there in the park. Leslie, Sarah and I got things ready while all the other volunteers were finishing up the award ceremony  by the finish line. After we set the tables with purple table clothes (and bubbles for the kids), Leslie and Sarah struggled to pop open the water container. We needed to find a sharp object to poke a hole in the top of the container so of course they choose to use…. their keys. Note: Keys are not very sharp!

Trying to put a hole in the water container with car keys... it didn't work!

Trying to put a hole in the water container with car keys… it didn’t work!

In addition to bagels we had a great variety of food for lunch! Bruegger’s bagels donated sandwiches which were delicious! We also had potato salad, pasta salad, chips, and one of the volunteers made cupcakes with purple icing for MPS!


My after race picnic lunch!

My after race picnic lunch!

Cupcakes that were made!

Cupcakes that were made!

This was a great race for a great cause! I encourage anyone, despite your running ability, to get involved in running for a good cause!




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