Halloween 2013

10 Nov

So it’s been two days since my wisdom teeth have been removed and I have to say there hasn’t been that much pain at all! I think it’s been helping that I’ve been taking these pain meds pretty religiously. Yesterday I sleep nearly the whole day… I only woke up at 7:30pm to eat some ice cream and watch Toy Story 2.

In between naps I got to thinking about running. (Of course, what else do I think about while I’m in bed all day?) Last night was the Wine & Dine Half Marathon in Disney world and as I watched all my blogging friends get ready and post their photos onto Instagram I got really jealous. I ran the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in 2009 which was by far the BEST race I’ve ever ran! So many people, an awesome expo, great sights along the run, and not to mention the medal was amazing! I’ve told my mom that I eventually want to do all the Disney runs and she, of course, is in on that goal!




When we ran the Disney Half in 2009 I wasn’t fully prepared for such a race. Running wise I did fine but no one told me that it’s perfectly normal to dress up as your favorite Disney character for the run… WHAT?!?! Such a great idea! This year for Halloween I dressed up as Minnie Mouse and told my dad that if it worked out I would keep the outfit for my next Disney run. Unfortunately I don’t think the outfit I put together for Halloween will be the best to run in but who knows, maybe I could make it work.

Halloween Outfit 2013

Halloween Outfit 2013

Speaking of Halloween, my brother carved some pretty awesome pumpkins this year… as he always does.


I was never that good at carving pumpkins. Come to think of it last year I didn’t even carve pumpkins, and the year before I carved a little pumpkin with a friend.


Two out of the three of our dogs also have Halloween costumes! Mom and I bought them when we were in Rhode Island for a race a couple of years ago. Mom bought a panda outfit for our black lab, Daisy, and I got a lobster outfit for my Newfie, Buddy.



I don’t think Daisy was too fond of the panda outfit, she kept turning in circles trying to figure out how to get it off. Buddy just got real still and finally laid on the ground with the lobster outfit on. They were too cute!

I think it’s safe to say the pain meds are starting to kick in again and are thus making me sleepy. Hope everyone had great runs this weekend!


One Response to “Halloween 2013”

  1. Patti Smith November 11, 2013 at 03:45 #

    I ordered a vampire costume for my German Shepherd this year, and she did that spinning thing too. The cape was just long enough that she could actually get the tip of it in her teeth and pull. So much for that idea :p
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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