Change of Weekend Plans…

8 Nov

I had planned to head to this gym this weekend to get a 5k (or if I was feeling real good a 10k) in to run for this cupcake virtual run from Darlena’s website . Sometimes I’m a little hesitate about signing up for virtual runs unless I read that a good majority of the money is going to a good organization. Last month Darlena and her team donated profits to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer.


   After not being able to find a Breast Cancer run to participate in while in the month of October that fit into my busy weekend schedule, I came across her facebook page HERE showing their virtual breast cancer race in October. By the time I found it I thought I was too late to sign up for the race but just saw a few days ago that she had extra medals left and the money would still be going to the Susan G. Komen society. I jumped on that opportunity and emailed her right away claiming my medal. So you see, that’s where this weekend gym run was going to come in.

However, when I planned this gym trip for Saturday morning I didn’t realize I would be getting my wisdom teeth out THIS MORNING!! Yesterday I had an appointment with the oral surgeon for them to take X-rays and schedule a surgery date. As I was leaving the lady at the front desk asked me when I wanted to get back in for the surgery. I replied, “As soon as possible… I just want to get it over with!!” She  looked at her screen than looked back at me and said, “Don’t know if you’d be interested but we had a cancelation for tomorrow morning at 8am, would you be interested in that slot?” Right when she said that I knew I wanted that appointment slot! The reason I wanted that slot so badly was 1) I didn’t have a lot of time to get nervous about it and 2) I could get in and get it over with quicker! I made a couple of phone calls to my work and my parents and made it happen!

So guess who has been in bed all day maxed out on pain pills, watching movies, and eating ice cream? Yep, this one right here. I heard that the day after surgery is worse than the day you get your teeth pulled out so I’m not looking forward to tomorrow… I think it’s safe to say I will NOT be going to the gym this weekend!

This November I am defiantly thankful for pain meds and ice cream!!!

This November I am defiantly thankful for pain meds and ice cream!!!


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