Things I am Loving Right Now: Fall Edition

22 Oct


I am loving this fall season!! There are so many things that are making me so incredible happy right now… and here’s just a few of them!

5. Fall Weather

Honestly, I don’t like cold temperatures but FALL is perfect for me! Plus, I absolutely love watching the color of the leaves change! This is pretty much perfect running weather for me! Last week while I was babysitting a couple of (the cutest and most well behaved) children we walked to the park and enjoyed this wonderful weather!

Enjoying the morning at the park!

Enjoying the morning at the park!

4. Hockey Season

Ice hockey is my favorite sport to watch so it only makes sense that I would woot for our local hockey team.. Carolina Hurricanes!!!


It’s been awhile since I’ve been to one of their games since I lived roughly two hours away for the last six years, but I try and watch as many as I can online or on the tv when I can. They aren’t doing great this season (won 4/9 games) but there’s still SIX more months of hockey for them to catch up!

3. Pumpkins

So I may not like pumpkin flavored food or getting my hands messy while carving pumpkins but I do love to walk through pumpkin patches! I received my first pumpkin of the season about two weeks ago. I was working a Girl Scout event at our of our councils camps and one of the Girl Scout troops gave each one of us staff members a small pumpkin as a thank you at the end of the weekend. It’s now sitting on my dinner table as my center piece. : )



2. Wearing My Toe Socks

If you’ve read my blog before you know how much I LOVE toe shoes!! I currently have three pairs (but am eyeing a certain other pair for Black Friday). Let’s be honest though, Vibrams aren’t the warmest of shoes. They are great to run in during the warmer months but I noticed that my feet were freezing while running 5k’s in Vibrams during colder weather. Last year my Mom and I found Injinji toe socks at REI right before Christmas so we bought two pairs each!


Just last week my mom dropped in my room to surprise me with a NEW pair of toe socks she found! These toe socks she found are Gaiam brand and they are great for wearing around the house because they have the grip dots on the bottom for less sliding around. These specific socks are great for yoga too! Plus they are so incredibly warm!!


1. Fall Food

Let’s face it… who doesn’t love food? Fall food is probably my favorite. What exactly is fall food? For me, it’s anything warm!! A couple of nights ago my Dad made corn chowder with vegetarian bacon… SOOOOO good!


Of course Fall also brings Halloween candy to near by stores. I try and stay away from sweets as much as I can (though it’s hard when my sweet tooth begs for sweets) but one thing I could not stay away from last week was the Cadbury Creme Egg I found. That’s one candy that I always seem to enjoy around Easter but had no idea they had Halloween editions. It was surprising when I bit into it to find not white and orange creme on the inside but a white and green color! Yum!


All photos are from my Instagram page at rihodges05 . Make sure to follow me on Instagram for more Fall Favorites!


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