NC Autism Run/Walk 5k: Race Recap

21 Oct

It’s been a little over a week since I participated in the NC Autism Run/Walk and since than my schedule has been so incredibly busy that I haven’t had time to sit down and recap the run. Have finally gotten to sit down and write, so here goes.


I met up with my sister, Sarah, and her boyfriend, Chris, at the Mariposa table before the start. The school she used to teach at, Mariposa, is a school for children diagnosed with autism and they set up a table at the courtyard with other schools and organizations that work with autistic families. I’m not sure I have ever seen a race with so many supporters there who were open with talking to others about their business. It was pretty incredible!

Ready to run for Autism this morning! #sweatpink

Ready to run for Autism this morning! #sweatpink

If you know me you know that I like to match my clothes… even on race day! And yes, that includes my shoes as well! I asked my sister on Friday what color the shirts were so I could plan accordingly. She informed me that even though she hadn’t seen the shirts yet, in the past they were green and white so that’s what I planned for. With my green vibrams and my *new* green running skirt I was all ready!


Sarah and I decided it would be a good idea to use the restrooms before we ventured off on our run… of course once we got in line for the ports-johns they called that the timed runners should go to the start line to begin the run. We ended up starting between the timed runners and the walkers but luckily we were still timed since we had our time chips on.

I always seem to forget how hilly Raleigh is until I run a race… makes me wonder how I will do for the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Half Marathon in April. :/ The last half I did in Raleigh (City of Oaks Half) I fought so hard up those hills! That was the hardest run I’ve done! I need to learn to stop signing up for these races in Raleigh…

Sarah, Chris, and I did the run together. We jogged most of it but very slowly since all three of us are out of shape. Our friend, Raymond, who my sister and I know from Camp Kaleidoscope, had told us a view days prior that he lives right on the course! I got a text from him during the run that his house was located right after the half way mark. Less than five minutes later we were passing him and his daughter on their front porch waving at us as we ran by! That was really cool! We didn’t stop to catch up but it was nice to see him.

We continued running (the very hilly) course after that. I had totally forgot to get photos before and during the first part of the race so my sister and I tried to cram in a few photos during the last mile of the run.

All matching in my green outfit!

All matching in my green outfit!

Chris & Sarah running the last half of the run!

Chris & Sarah running the last half of the run!

We crossed the finish line at about 41:00. NOT GREAT!!!!! Like I said we are all out of shape… like REALLY out of shape! I’m looking for a Turkey Trot to do in November and hopefully a race between than and now so that will be a good chance to beat that awful time!

Post Race

I was so surprised, and pleased, with the after race munchies they provided! There were tables lined up with heaps of cups of water that volunteers were handing out as people made their way to the courtyard after the race. I’ve never seen cups of water at the finish, usually I see bottles of water. This was nice though… you didn’t have to worry about the recycled bottles being thrown away!


There was also a tent that had bagels, cream cheese, fruit, short bread cookies, and even cups of sunflower seeds (again, a first for me)!

Some of the best after run munchies I've ever seen!

Some of the best after run munchies I’ve ever seen!

Sunflower seeds... a first I've seen!

Sunflower seeds… a first I’ve seen!

They even had STARBUCKS coffee under a tent… I was all over that!!! I had planned to stop for coffee after the run since I was going straight to camp for the remainder of the weekend to work at the climbing tower so this Starbucks tent was so perfect!

I’m so glad we ran this race for people affected by Autism. It was such a great cause to run for and I had so much fun!

Sarah, Chris, and I after the run! :)

Sarah, Chris, and I after the run! πŸ™‚



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  1. Bev October 22, 2013 at 00:40 #

    Hi Rachel,
    Got your card today. Thx. So excited #fitnesspal. Check out my IG @choosing4balance. Sending out mail tomorrow! Bev

    • run50states October 22, 2013 at 15:40 #

      So glad you received it Bev!! πŸ˜€


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