THREE Days Until The Autism Run!!!

9 Oct

I am excited about the Autism walk/run on Saturday! It’s actually at the same location as The Color Run a few weeks ago… a pretty flat run except for one or two slight hills.



My sister did this run last year and really enjoyed it, I think I was out of town that weekend so I couldn’t attend but I am so ready this year! So far the organization that puts on this race seems really organized!! A friend of mine who lives in Raleigh was disappointed a few weeks ago when The Color Run happened because there was no road closure signs and no delay announcements for the people who live in the area. There was an article online which stated the disappointment of the residents of Raleigh with the race, which took place on the 28th of September.

That same friend received this in his mailbox just a few days ago which explains road delays and closures for the morning of Saturday during the Autism run. They also provided the web address for more information regarding the race AND on the back of the paper is the map route of the run!!



I think my sis and I plan on picking up our packets in the next day or so… or we can just arrive super early and than go out to breakfast like we did for the last run we did πŸ˜› So excited to run this race with my sister and her boyfriend, especially because it’s for a good cause!!


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