Update From The Beach!

7 Oct

My family is spending a week at a beach house on Duck Island in the Outer Banks. They are able to stay the whole week but I have to return home on Wednesday night since I have to work on Thursday. I got here Saturday night after working a Scout event in the afternoon. I had plans to bring my pet mouse, Penelopoe, down with us but unfortunately he passed away Saturday afternoon. πŸ˜₯ My mom had to return home this morning to take my brother home for his classes so she took time to take Penelopoe home and bury him in our backyard with all of our other pets who have passed.

Rest in Peace, Penelopoe <3

Rest in Peace, Penelopoe ❀

Since I’ve been here I’ve been walking to the beach (a whole 81 yards) from our house. We also have a private pool and a beach volleyball net in our backyard which is wonderful for working out.. not to mention a Jacuzzi to relax in afterwards! Dad & I took a walk along the beach this morning with Daisy, who is in love with the water!!

Daisy enjoying the beach water!

Daisy enjoying the beach water!


Such wonderful beach weather this morning!!

You know it's October at the beach when you see this in the sand...

You know it’s October at the beach when you see this in the sand…

When we got back from our hour and some walk I made a delicious fruit salad and some coffee! YUM!

My after walk snack!

My after walk snack!

Tomorrow we’ll probably take another walk along the beach with both the dogs this time, Buddy just joined us today, and head out to the volleyball court! More updates to come shortly!

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