Tomorrow is The Color Run!!!

27 Sep


Tomorrow morning my sister and I will be in Raleigh participating in The Color Run! Just a few days ago I got an email with all the information we need to know for the race, which made me extremely excited! I didn’t realize that the race had snuck up so quickly and BAM! it’s here tomorrow!!

The last Color Run I did was in Virginia where I ran it with my mom and three of her co-workers. I enjoyed that girls weekend we had! This one will be fun too, I get to do it with my sister (not a runner) in the heart of NC! Right after the race I have to go straight to work at camp for the day… ok, maybe not STRAIGHT to work. A shower will probably come in handy for sure!!!

My friend from camp is also doing this Color Run as well! She knows I love to run and texted me a few weeks ago asking about this race where I informed her that I had already signed up and I was ready to go. I’ll be excited to see her, maybe she’ll even jog with me and my sister! Can’t Wait!! Look for a Race Recap shortly!


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