Race Recap From The Past: Rock ‘n Roll Virginia Beach 2008

19 Sep

I just recently found some entries on my other blog where I (sort of) wrote recaps for races before I started this blog specifically for running. So I’ve decided to repost them on here so they can officially be posted with all my other ones. Enjoy!

Originally Posted:  August 31, 2008

I have traveled again my dear readers. I am now in Virginia Beach, Virginia where I have officially ran my fifth half marathon! And the best news… It’s my second best time for a half marathon race!!

Getting up a 4:30 this morning I didn’t think I was going to make it. I mean, of course I KNEW I would make it but I didn’t want to wait two and a half hours to start. I was ready the moment I walked out of the hotel. It’s amazing how at first i felt a bit sick, one of those headaches that bring on a little dizziness every once in awhile, but once I got going it was brilliant! My head forgot that it was hurting, my legs just took off and I was gone! I love every bit of this race…. not like any other race I’ve ran. I ran most of the way (definitely ran the first 3.1 miles of it before I slowed down though!!) and I wasn’t ‘dreading’ any of it. I’m not sure I ever dread the race, it’s just a long way… you know? I don’t run 13.1 miles everyday, so when race day comes it’s a bit nervous but exciting!

I am happy to say that I was about five minutes off from beating my record time. I was quite impressed. I’m hoping I can keep training and beat my time in three weeks when I’m in Philly running another 13.1 miles.


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