Triangle Run For Autism

10 Sep


I’m so excited for this 5k that I just signed up for! My sister worked at a school for children with autism for a few years and loved it! The children that she met and helped along the way brought her such happiness and a feeling of accomplishment that is amazing when you work with kids. That experience has brought on a new look when it comes to autism for all of us.

I am not the greatest when it comes to working with children with autism, as it takes much more patience than with other kids, but I’ve found a way that I can donate to the cause while doing something I love! My sister sent me the link to a 5k run in Raleigh on October 12th that she suggested I sign up for, so tonight I did.



A couple of years ago I did a run for Autism here in the area that I enjoyed, BUT no one told me it was a trail run! WHAT? I know, right! Talk about a surprise when I arrived at the course on race day! I made it through… barely, but I made it. This time I plan to be prepared ahead of time by looking at the map and scoping out the area BEFORE race day!!

If you’re in the NC area and are looking for a race for a good cause, check this run/walk for Autism out HERE or you can get more information on their facebook page HERE

Happy Running!


One Response to “Triangle Run For Autism”

  1. Autism Society of North Carolina September 12, 2013 at 21:27 #

    Rachel, we love this! Thank you for helping to raise awareness and support a great cause; we’re looking forward to seeing you at the race next month!

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