As If TWO Pairs of Vibrams weren’t enough…

1 Sep

As you’ve read in previous post, I’m just a little obsessed with Vibrams. And by just a little I mean I may have bought two pairs within a year. To make that better though BOTH pairs were on sale when I bought them… yay! Well this summer my girlfriend at the time saw a pair FOR SALE while she was in Wilmington for the week and BOUGHT THEM FOR ME!!!! Pair number three!

Pair #1

Pair #1

Pair number 2

Pair #2

PAIR #3!!!

PAIR #3!!!

I like these because they are a little more… formal. (What?… vibrams can be formal??) So I don’t know if ‘formal’ is the proper word but I can wear them with a button up shirt and they look better than my bright pink or green ones. I even wore them to the office one day last week. 🙂


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