‘The Color Run’ Discount Code!

30 Aug

One of my favorite 5k races I’ve ran is The Color Run. Mom and I had a girls weekend with some of her co-workers back in September to run our first Color Run and it was simply amazing (Part one & Part two recaps)!! I would suggest it to ANYONE weather you are an experienced runner or just doing it for fun.


What is The Color Run, you may ask? ‘The Color Run™, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, individuality, and giving back to the community.’ It’s a great 3.1 miles you can run, walk, skip, or simply finish with your friends and family. This race is less about making a PR and more about ‘having the time of your life’ as runners will say. Another great thing about this race is that it is un-timed. Of course you can time it on your own if you’d like, but while getting doused with multiple colors of powder while surrounded by thousands of other participants this race is really more about just having a blast!

The color fun doesn’t just take place on the race course though, at the finish line is a gigantic “Color Festival” using more colored powder than you could ever imagine! There’s live music, colored powered flying through the air, and being surrounded by your friends and family… who could ask for a better post-race party?!?!?


What’s better than finding a great Color Run near you? Signing up for that race with a DISCOUNT!!! Here is a great opportunity for anyone looking to run this race to get a great discount!



This promo code, COLOR5OFF, is valid for any city that is not already sold out. Keep in mind that The Color Run does sell out very quickly so make sure to put your name down NOW for the city of your choice! The promo code does not guarantee entrance into a race so make sure to sign up quickly before spots fill. Click HERE to find the closest Color Run to you.

Want to learn more about The Color Run? Go to their information page HERE to read more about the race!


   Just remember the two rules when running in this race, 1) Wear white at the starting line, and 2) finish covered in color! Good luck running!!


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