Everything But Running

29 Aug

Seeing as it’s been just over a month since I’ve written I figured this entry will be all about what I’ve been doing instead of updating my blog! Summer time is always harder for me to write because of the fact that I work at camp for about two months straight with barely any time to sit and write a decent blog entry. So here’s a quick update about what my fun-filled summer consisted of!

For Mother’s Day for my mom she got herself four tickets to go paddle boarding, so my sister and my friend went with her! My first time paddle boarding and it was awesome!!! Can’t wait to go again!


While working at summer camp my co-worker and I convinced our boss that we needed an office pet so we decided to buy a mouse! Not like we had enough wild mice running around in our office since we lived out in the woods for two months, but we wanted something we could cuddle and hold and love when we were sad. So may I introduce Penelepoe!


Everyone fell in love with him pretty quick, and than after about a week started to give him a hard time because he started to stink up the staff lounge with his mouse scent. My co-workers started calling him Penelepoo, or Penele-butt. 😛

A couple times through out the summer I got to visit one of our sister camps where I got the chance to climb their 50 foot climbing tower, swing on their tower swing, hold bunnies, and ride horses!

Swinging on their tower swing!!!

Swinging on their tower swing!!!

Tried to take some of these bunnies home but they are too sneaky!

Tried to take some of these bunnies home but they are too sneaky!


If you knew me when I was little you would know that I was a HUGE fan of horses! I had posters plastered on my bedroom walls, horse books, and I even remember this plastic briefcase sort of thing that had about 12 plastic play horses that I would take out and organize a number of times a day. They had the type of horse written on their belly and I had those breeds memorized within weeks of owning those horses. My grandfather even took me horse back riding for my birthday one year which was the most amazing birthday present a little girl could wish for!

For the past couple of years, something has changed. I’m grown… what’s the word??… TERRIFIED of horses! I think as I grew older I realized just how big horses were next to me and how much damage they can really do to the human body. I got scared and didn’t get close to a horse for years!! Well this past summer I took a step in getting over this new found fear of mine. I, not only got near a horse, got my picture standing next to a horse, and petting a horse… I rode a horse! I have to admit it wasn’t TOO TERRIBLY bad but it was pretty fearful! I thought I felt him start to gallop at one point in time but my friends on the side line watching me were just laughing at me trying to control this slowly moving creature.

image copy 2

image copy 4



In the middle of the summer I also got to hang out with my sister and her boyfriend for the day when we went to the Eno River Festival here in Durham! We try and go every year. It’s kind of like a ‘hippie festival’ of sorts. Lots of booths selling all kinds of home made things, yummy food, LIVE MUSIC!!! It was pretty great!


One of the last weekends of the summer my co-workers and I took a weekend and drove up to DC for the day. It was exhausted driving there AND back in one day but I wouldn’t trade it, we had a blast! I was just in DC about a month or two before this day trip but I didn’t really get to sight see as much as I would have liked since I was there for the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon. So this trip was loads of fun!


Than of course my family celebrated my birthday together which was great! It’s always nice when I get to see them and spend time with them on my birthday! I did something exciting for my 25th, something bold that was *supposed* to be a gift to myself. I got my nose pierced! I had planned on paying for it as a gift to myself but my friend got there first and paid for it while I was still in the back! So  sneaky!

image copy 3

Also got an awesome cake of my dog Buddy made by my Mom & and my Brother!

image copy 5

So that’s a quick update as to where I’ve been. Busy Busy Busy! I should be on a more proper blogging schedule from here on out. 🙂

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