Three Things Thursday

24 Apr

Here’s a little update about where I’ve been lately….

1. It’s been a tough couple of weeks when it comes to me and exercise. Long story short, I’ve had some health problems and thus have been seeing a nutritionist lately. She advised me about two weeks ago to stop exercising, told me not to do any cardio! As a runner you can probably imagine my initial thought, “ummmm… yea… NOT going to happen!” But than the light bulb went off in my head that said I should probably listen to what the professional has to say.

Luckily, when I talked to her yesterday she gave me some hopeful news! Told her I am signed up for the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon in June and am missing a lot of training by not running right now. Well she said as long as I stay on the track that I’m on, I can get my ‘exercise privileges’ back sooner! Thank Goodness!

2. Though my nutritionist said I can’t run or do any heavy cardio she said I CAN go on walks so I’ve been aiming to go on some sort of walk everyday. My brother was in town last weekend where we walked downtown around the farmers market for a good while!

image (3)


Farmers Market in Downtown, Wilmington

We also bought fresh parmasian & herb bread that was pretty yummy!

image (1)

Than Monday came with chilly weather but that didn’t stop me from going on my evening walk!

image (2)

3. June is coming closer and closer and I still don’t have plane tickets for my half marathon! Talk about slacking on my to-do list! My cousin and I should both be flying in Friday night, from two different locations, so my parents said they can pick both of us up from the airport and get us to the hotel. At least I have that part taken care of! Now just to get to Chicago…


2 Responses to “Three Things Thursday”

  1. Jenna @ Races, Places and Things April 25, 2013 at 03:05 #

    Amazing idea behind the blog! I love the bucketlist of races and hope to do something like that too 🙂

    • run50states April 25, 2013 at 04:16 #

      Thanks Jenna!

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