Boston T-Shirt Update

18 Apr

Mom’s RUN This Town have put up a new status about their Boston t-shirts that I posted about yesterday. If you’re interested in buying one, read the new update!

“IMPORTANT: I’m SO sorry for posting back to back – I never do this…. but just got a call from RECOVER and the response on the shirts has been WAY more than we ever expected. Yall are amazing!!! As of right now we are looking at around a $15,000 donation. Yes, you read that right………. HOW AMAZING IS THAT??? Bad news is they have completely sold out of womens cut shirts and only have mens (really unisex) available. He said they are slightly between a typical mens cut and a more fitted mens cut but that women who order mens in their size aren’t disappointed. AND unfortunately we are having to end the ordering process by tomorrow at 5pm due to the overwhelming response – much sooner than the original date but OMG WHO KNEW!!?????? I simply can not believe we will be able to contribute that type of donation to the victims – Un believable!!!!!!!!!!!!! So please – if you haven’t ordered, do so asap and please dont be upset we are out of women’s cut – be EXCITED about this amazing thing we have done!!!!!!”


I was upset at first to read they didn’t have anymore women cut shirts, my first thought was, ‘well there goes my chance of getting one’. After looking at the shirts again I decided that I have heaps of shirts that are unisex and fit me just well, so if I wanted one I better get on it. My mom called me this morning asking what design I wanted as she was ordering herself one, and after much deliberation, I caved in and told her to order me one as well. I have to look at the bright side here and think that even if it doesn’t fit me PERFECTLY, at least the money is for a good cause!

If you decide to order one PLEASE do so before 5pm tonight to make sure your order goes in! Once they post about where the money will go I will post on here to update everyone. As of right now, they have an idea but are waiting for the phone call back. Thanks for the support!


One Response to “Boston T-Shirt Update”

  1. Pam Burrus April 20, 2013 at 00:28 #

    Thank you so much for posting about this!!! And thanks for getting one despite the fit 😉 Honestly some of my favorite race shirts are just regular tshirts 😉 When I first contacted them I said “I hope to sell around 100 – maybe 200” – we had NO IDEA the response!!!! We did find a printer to print a 2nd round – different shirt unfortunately but same design.—never-forget-boston.html Thanks again for sharing and the support!

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