Boston Marathon Tragedy

17 Apr

Monday started out as a day like any others for the marathon runners of Boston. They were excited but nervous, ready but anxious. They had no idea what lied ahead of them. I started off my day posting this on my instagram:


I was ecstatic that it was Boston Marathon Monday, as I’m sure heaps of us were!! While I was at work I got a CNN message on my phone that popped up saying something about a bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I couldn’t look at details right than but when I got home I read articles and watched a news clip on it. Dreadful! Absolutely saddens my heart! My second instagram I posted yesterday was this:

image (1)

Love this ribbon that they designed just within hours of the event in Boston! Once I saw it I had to post it right away to show that, of course, my thoughts and prayers go to everyone in Boston who has been effected by this horrible incident. A couple hours later I found that a few runner had posted on twitter that if you have ran/walked an event before that you should wear a race shirt on Tuesday in memory of the bombing…so that I did! I couldn’t wear it to work but changed as soon as I got home and wore my Rock ‘n Roll USA Half Marathon shirt for the rest of the evening.


I also found this shirt that a company called Recover has teamed up with Mom’s RUN This Town to design. Their are two different designs that both sell for $18, and ten of those dollars go straight to Boston. Here’s the description of the shirt, “Recover has teamed up with Moms RUN This Town, with the design inspiration from VO2 the Max and Run Junkees, to create two shirts which will help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. We are currently working to see where money is most needed in Boston. Thank you for your donation. **We will be accepting orders until 9:00 pm on Tuesday April 23. All orders will ship the following Wednesday**” 



Here’s the link to order a shirt! There are women AND men sizes in BOTH designs as well!


3 Responses to “Boston Marathon Tragedy”

  1. DoombuggyRunnerDavid Geddings April 17, 2013 at 16:50 #

    Do you have a link to where we can order these shirts? Need to see if they have men’s sizes also!

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