Easter Weekend

31 Mar

This weekend was amazing! My girlfriend and I both had Friday off from work so we left Thursday night for Charlotte and spent a few days away together.

Friday we found this place called Lazy 5 Ranch where we could take a wagon ride around their grounds and feed all kinds of different animals! It was SO worth the money! We got to see buffalos, zebus, ox’s, giraffes, pigs, kagaroos, birds, rhinos, etc. We arrived just in time to jump on a horse drawn wagon and take the hour-ish ride around the grounds. You could also ride in your car but for a few extra dollars you could experience the wagon ride… and I’m glad we decided to do that!

Feeding a yak.. or a buffalo.. something along those line!

Lazy 5 Ranch in Charlotte, NC

After our adventures at Lazy 5 Ranch, we headed to grab some lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Unfortunetly I didn’t get very good service. I eventually asked them to take my meal off our ticket because if you have to send it back to the kitchen THREE times, you shouldn’t have to pay for it! Luckly they took it off but I left there more hungry than when I arrived. :/ The good news was that in the same building was the Nascar Hall of Fame! We didn’t go through the exhibits but to be able to look through the windows was pretty neat.

Nascar Hall of Fame

Friday night was absolutly amazing too! For Christmas I bought us both tickets to see Wicked! She has been it two times before (can you tell this is her favorite musical?) and I’ve never seen it before so I thought this would be the best gift for us.

After the show! It was incredible!

We got back yesterday evening so we didn’t do too much last night since we were exhausted from our mini vacation. This morning before church we colored some Easter eggs, which I haven’t done since I was younger, so that was exciting! We only had five white eggs (one of them was cracked) so I only got to do one which is ok with me. It was just fun to have some time to act like a child again! 😛

My ‘less than perfect’ Easter Bunny. hee hee

*I’ll figure out how to turn this photo soon… my apologies!*

Hope everyone has a great Easter Sunday!! 😀


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