Valentines Card Exchange

26 Feb

This year I took part in Lisa’s valentines day card exchange she hosted on her blog HERE. My Valentine partner was amazing! Last week in the mail I received not just a card, but a small box of so many goodies!


Here’s what the box included:

  •    Long Valentine Socks (yay!!)
  •    Lindor Chocolates
  •    GU chocolate raspberry shorts gel
  •    Two nunn energy drink tablets (this is great because I’ve been wanting to try them for awhile!)
  •    Two different kinds of sports beans
  •    A cute Valentines days card
  •    A running sticker (not pictured)
  •    Burts bee’s lip balm (not pictured)

I think that’s everything that I got in the box. I received it in the mail RIGHT before leaving town so I grabbed some of the stuff to take with me to Louisiana for my 10k run and left some stuff at home so it was hard to get everything back together when I got home to get a picture. It was such a great box! Thanks Courtney! You should check out her running blog HERE!


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