Surprise in the Mail!

19 Feb

I’ve been in contact with Keira, who is a partner with the Griffith Park Half Marathon and 10k trail run in California, for a few weeks. If you remember, the race took place back in November and because of money issues and delays in getting my flight tickets I wasn’t able to go. I won a free entry into the race a few months prior so it wasn’t that big of a deal that I couldn’t make it but it was disappointing just because I’ve never had to pull out of a race before (oh right, except for the triathlon I couldn’t do because I was on crutches due to a broken ankle).

So I emailed Keira asking about the race shirts and if there was a way I could still receive mine even though I couldn’t attend the run. Well last week I got it in the mail just before I left for Louisiana! What a great surprise!! Here’s the best part too.. when I signed up for the run I had originally signed up to receive a small shirt so when I emailed her I reminded Keira of that but said if they had run out of small shirts I would take a medium and be ok with that. What I received in the mail was a small 10k trail run shirt (the 10k race was the same weekend as the half. I debated signing up for that as well but decided against it since this was going to be my first trail run and I didn’t want to over do myself). BUT on top of getting a small 10k shirt I ALSO got a medium half marathon shirt!!! I GOT TWO SHIRTS!! I’m guessing it’s probably because they ran out of small half marathon shirts but she wanted to make sure I got a small shirt since that’s what I ordered.

image (20)

I’m very sad that I got to miss out on this race but hopefully one day I can get to California and run it! What I love most about these shirts is that INKnBURN Endurance apparel did the race tech shirts and they did an amazing job! These shirts are very light weight as well!

image (21)

I hope to break in to one of them this week as I continue my training for my half in Washington DC in 25 days!



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