It’s Been Awhile…

20 Jan

Looking at the calendar I’ve realized that it has been a long time since I’ve written! Goodness! I was out of town for awhile with no internet and though I couldn’t write about my training while I was gone that didn’t stop me from running. Even though I couldn’t write or get online it was great to be in FLORIDA for a whole week! I wasn’t necessarily on vacation though. The whole week my mom and I were down there we helped my grandmother move out of her house and into an independent living apartment. It was hard to pack all of her belongings from a three bedroom house into a one bedroom apartment but between packing and moving I did manage to keep up on most of my training which was nice!

Mom and I ended up jogging to the beach one day, nearly three miles there and back. The weather was spot on too! Much warmer than here in NC!


   I love taking that walk to the beach! I love the reward of having the sand in your toes when you get to the beach and enjoying the water for a short break before heading back beneath the palm trees.

image (1)


image (2)

   I’ve done a few jogs since I’ve been home, especially last week when the weather was gorgeous! Now it’s gone all cold again and I’m just waiting for the warm weather again! I can’t wait!


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