Rock ‘n Roll for 2013!

18 Dec

I’ve started to plan my 2013 running calendar but haven’t quite gotten everything finalized so I’m not ready to share it yet, but I am excited to share that my friend (whom I’ve known since elementary school) has asked me to run the Rock ‘n Roll DC half marathon with her in March!

I am SO excited about this race for a number of reasons!

1. I’ll be running it with Sarah, who I haven’t gotten to spend a great deal of time with since our mutual friend got married over a year ago! I met her in elementary school and ever since we have been really good friends! We went to the same elementary and middle school, than different high schools but they were in neighboring cities so we were easily able to go to each others sports events, plays, concerts, etc. Than came college where we just so happened to attend college in the same town as well. She ended up going to the University while I attended the local Community College, but being two and a half hours away from our high school town it was pretty cool to still have each other so close. After graduation she moved to Washington DC where she was offered a job and I’m still in NC, so you can probably imagine it’s hard to see each other… or even talk often… with our schedules. ALL THAT TO SAY, I am SOOOO excited to spend the whole weekend with her and run this race together!


2. I haven’t ran a half marathon in Washington, DC yet! This will help me in my goal of running a half marathon in every state. I’ve ran a number of the Rock ‘n Roll series races before and have been very pleased with the organization and the outcome, so I was very happy to hear she picked this Rock ‘n Roll race!


3. I’ll be running with her as she ventures into her very first half marathon! I’m always excited to hear when my friends and relatives get into running and are even more excited when they enter their first race! Although Sarah has done a number of 5k races before this will be her first half which makes me even more thrilled for her! She said she was a little nervous about the 13.1 mile run but while we were texting about it she said she signed up for it before she could back out (haha) so at least I know she’ll be running in it whether she’s ready or not!

With all these reasons for me to participate in this race, I do have a few set backs. One… money. It’s currently pretty pricey to sign up for this race (not sure if that’s because it’s DC or because it’s a Rock ‘n Roll series run, which I haven’t done in awhile so I don’t remember the pricing) but the fact that I’ll be running it with Sarah and I’ll be able to spend the weekend with her will probably over tromp the price of the race. I have until the end of the year until the price increases again so hopefully I’ll get some Christmas money which can help me pay for this run and I can sign up before it fills up!

My only other current worry is that, here in NC the weather is still pretty chilly come March and cold weather usually means a painful ankle for me. Ever since I had the surgery on my ankle it has acted up whenever it comes time to run in cold weather. My doctor did said that by taking medicine BEFORE my run that could help the swelling and pain subside throughout / after my run. I usually pass the whole process and choose to either run on a treadmill in the winter months or skip the whole running thing all together and choose to swim laps or go biking. The half I ran in Rhode Island in October was quite chilly and that did bring some pain to my ankle… but than again I don’t think I took anything before hand.

Here’s to hoping to warm (ish) weather in DC come March!



4 Responses to “Rock ‘n Roll for 2013!”

  1. silvershadow157 December 18, 2012 at 15:09 #

    Sounds like a good race season so far…I need to get on my plan

  2. Melissa December 19, 2012 at 06:01 #

    Yeah I was trying to get my bestie to run that with me since she lives in DC and moi in Florida. I was on the same page of quality time since we as well don’t talk as, work, life, and moreso work for her. She’s a medical doctor going thru her residency which means no daily phone calls anymore:( hhmm we’ll see!

  3. bohochiccafe December 20, 2012 at 17:57 #

    Woohoo! I can’t wait to run the race with you! I need to get on a schedule and stick to it before then. Love you!

    • run50states January 26, 2013 at 16:25 #

      I’ve seen in your blog that you’ve been running some lately… I’m afraid you’re going to be too fast for me since I haven’t been doing ANY running lately!! Have I mentioned that I hate running in cold weather? Hopefully it warms up soon so I can start training and keep up with you in March! 😛

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