Palm City Turkey Trot: Race Recap

28 Nov

I have to say this was probably the BEST 5k I have ran thus far! They were very organized, the run was gorgeous, and the after race snacks were beyond what I’ve ever had at a race.


Dad and I got to the race site early to pick up our race packets. It was pretty quick and simple. There were two tables set up near the start line where we lined up to get our numbers, bags, and shirts. There was also a place where we could drop off the rice and beans that we brought to donate, which was nice. We than made our way inside the gym of the church to scope out the restrooms and the breakfast food they had set out. Neither of us were really all that hungry at the moment so we skipped the muffins before the race but were sure to come back by after our run.


The race started at 7.30. With a little less than 500 runners participating in this Turkey Trot it wasn’t too crowded which made it nice. Dad and I headed to the start line to begin our Thanksgiving 3.1 run.

Getting ready to start our first Turkey Trot!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous for a run too! It was a bit chilly to start out with but as we started our run it seemed to warm up. I’m sure it was warmer than it would have been if we had stayed in North Carolina for Thanksgiving so I can’t really complain. I tried to stay in the sun as long as possible throughout the course because I didn’t want to get chilly in the shade of the trees. I didn’t get any photos of the course itself but it was a nice flat course that’s perfect for any runner!

After a bit of my dad and I running together he told me to go ahead since he didn’t want to slow my time down. I was hesitate because part of me did want to run this race side-by-side with my dad, but he insisted I go… so I did. I turned and looked for him a few times throughout the course but I didn’t see the blue shirt he was wearing running after me, so I continued to run on. When I crossed the finish line I grabbed a bottle of water and joined the crowd cheering on the finishers. I got the camera on my phone ready to take a photo of dad crossing the finish line but as I was looking around for him I saw him on the other side of the finish line looking for me! Turns out he crossed about ten seconds after I did and we just missed each other! How funny is that! Apparently I wasn’t far ahead of him at all because he said he could see me at the last turn but he couldn’t quite catch up to me.

Post Race

Once we found each other at the finish line we got a photo of us with our medals and headed into the church to get some fruit and after race munchies.

We found each other at the finish line (after we received our medals!!) and headed into the church to grab some fruit and after race munchies. I have to say this was the best after race set up I’ve seen from a 5k! Once we got into the gym of the church we not only found fruit and muffins but they had cheese omelets as well! They were not freshly made but they were still pretty good! They also had bottled water (of course), Gatorade, and fruit! A great assortment for after a race!

We stayed around for most of the award ceremony but after our age groups were over (and hearing we didn’t get top three in our age group) we left and headed home to start preparing Thanksgiving food. My final time was 37:51 which was a pretty good time for me considering I haven’t been running a lot lately.

I was also impressed that we got medals for this 5k! I’ve never ran a 5k that gave out medals at the finish line. I guess I do remember it saying that on the website, which is why the 5k cost $40, but I forgot until the day of the race. We also got really nice running shirts as well! They aren’t white (which is nice) and they aren’t cotton (which is also nice). The only downfall is that they were all ordered in mens sizes, so my small is a mens small which means I will be wearing it to bed from now on.  I suppose that’s ok, though I would have liked to have a proper women’s small shirt so I could actually wear it out of the house but a night-shirt will work just fine for now.

All in all this was a really great race that I enjoyed so much! I would highly suggest this to anyone looking for an easy Thanksgiving run. 🙂


3 Responses to “Palm City Turkey Trot: Race Recap”

  1. Darlene November 29, 2012 at 21:39 #

    So cool getting to run a race with your dad.

    • Lisa J December 4, 2012 at 17:36 #

      How lucky you were to get a sweet medal for a 5k and have great weather. Our 5 mile turkey trot was FREEZING and no medals 😦


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