Medal Display

18 Nov

Last year when I lived on my own I displayed my bib numbers and medals on the wall like so…

That was about six months ago so I have three more medals and maybe five or six more bib numbers to add to my collection. In August for my birthday my parents got me a huge memory box to display my medals in that I started working on when I moved into my new house but never officially finished it. There are two ways that I’m thinking about displaying them in my memory box now. This isn’t the best quality photo because it was taken on my phone, but you’ll get the idea.

Row one where the ribbon is crossed OR row two where the ribbon is straight. I THINK I like the second row better but I can’t decide. I won’t be putting my race bibs in the memory box, which is sad because I’d really like them to be with the medals but I’ve got a scrapbook my mom bought me a few years ago for all my bibs so I feel a little better about it.

Which row do you like better? One or Two?

2 Responses to “Medal Display”

  1. Katie @ from icecream to marathon November 19, 2012 at 20:12 #

    I like Row 1 the best! I really need to get a medal hanger too! Although I only have 2, I’ll get more next year. I keep all of my bibs in a scrapbook, along with pictures and whatever else. I love it!

  2. Dan December 12, 2012 at 16:42 #

    I like row 2 more because it gives you more of a chance to show off the ribbon. Many races are putting a lot of effort into the design of the sash so it’d be nice to let those shine as well.

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