To Turkey Trot or Not?

11 Nov

If I hadn’t of backed out of the Griffith Park Trail Run afew weeks ago, I would be in California with a new medal around my neck and a new state to check off of my check list. It is a sad thought to think about but on the other hand I know I wasn’t ready for a 13 mile trail run in the mountains. Who knows, there may be a better race in California that I’ll be doing in the future.

My mom found a Turkey Trot run that is close to where we will be spending Thanksgiving this year so I have thoughts about signing up that that 5k run. It’s the Palm City Turkey Trot in Palm City, Florida. Since I backed out of the Griffith Trail run I don’t currently have a back up plan for a race in November so this is the perfect opportunity to complete my November race! Because I’m looking into it so late the price is a bit high for a 5k, $40, BUT you get a shirt and a finishers medal which is pretty neat. Running this race also depends on when I am arriving in Florida for Thanksgiving. I’m taking a friend to Florida with me for the holidays and because of her work scheduale depends on when we can leave North Carolina. We are thinking of departing NC about lunchtime on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, which will put us getting to Florida bright and early in the morning ON Thanksgiving. I think that will make it very difficult to run a 5k, though I’ve done a 5k race on very little sleep before so I fully believe that I can do it.

   I’ll have to talk to my parents to see if they are still interested in doing this race with me. I suppose if it’s not too far from where my grandmother’s house is, and maybe my parents will do it with me than I’m all in! Who knows, maybe I can even get my uncle to jog it with us! Because of knee problems he can’t run long distances anymore, but perhaps a good three mile run will be ok. I’m hoping to get to Florida in time for SOME sleep so that I can run this race because it sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving run!

3 Responses to “To Turkey Trot or Not?”

  1. RunToInspire November 11, 2012 at 20:40 #

    come do the LA marathon with me!

    • run50states November 12, 2012 at 17:42 #

      I’m not quite up to marathons yet, just half marathons. when are you running in LA?

      • RunToInspire November 20, 2012 at 16:16 #

        it’s in March, and I just started training

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