Three Things Thursday

12 Oct

The month of October is upon us and that means afew things:

1) The Weather Is Getting Colder

The weather on the coast of North Carolina has been a bit crazy lately. Last week there were afew days where it was getting into hoodie wearing weather, than for afew days there it was getting toasty and humid, and now it’s back to chilly sweater weather. Who even likes to run in the cold weather?!?! You can’t breathe… you have to wear twice as many layers of clothes unless you want to freeze… your chances of slipping and falling on ice are much greater… do I need to go on? I’m not sure how this training thing is going to go for me in these cold months.

2) 2013 Is Just Around The Corner

My Mom & I went ahead and signed up for the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon in June! Not only will that help me complete another state BUT hopefully my cousin who lives up that way will sign up as well so I’ll be able to run with her! We decided to take advantage of the race price last weekend before the price went up so the race only cost $55… pretty good for a half.

I’m also thinking about signing up for the FUNd Run 4 Bling January 10K run… the Eat My Pixie Dust run. If you recall from my previous post talking about the FUNd run 4 Bling company, all their proceeds go towards the Lukemia & Lymphoma Society and they seem to have acouple different virtual runs a month that you can do for medals.

3) The Amica Half Marathon Is In T-Minus Three Days

Three days!! I’m currently camping out in a hotel in Runnemede, New Jersey. Tomorrow morning we are heading out about six o’clock in the morning to get back on the road and spend a day in Salem, Massechusettes before going to Providence, Rhode Island. Kinda can’t wait to get back on the road tomorrow but for now… have to sleep. Until the race!


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