FUNd Run 4 Bling Virtual Run

2 Oct

I found a whole new site for virtual runs and boy, am I excited!! FUNd Run 4 Bling annouces a wide variety of races with different distances that you can run. These virtual runs DO cost money but I caved in afew days ago and paid for the BOO! Run virtual half marathon since the money was going towards a great organization, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Plus I believe it was the same price for the half marathon as it was for the 5k run so I figured, ‘why not bump it up and do an extra 10 miles!?!?’.

Another reason I decided to cave in and pay for this virtual run is because, not only is the money from the run going towards a good society, but we’ll also be recieving a medal for completing our run! I haven’t found TOO many virtual runs that mail out t-shirts, not to mention medals, for their run but I’m glad to see this site offers medals for what looks like all their races!

I’m already running a half marathon in October, the Amica Half Marathon in Rhode Island, but I figured to keep myself in training for the Griffith Park Half Marathon in November I can squeeze in another half in October! There is a trail here in Wilmington called the cross city trail that literally goes from one side of Wilmington to the other. It is quite long but I figured I’ll pick 13.1 miles of that trail to run on a nice day to complete my BOO! Run!

I got word from the company that the medals got sent out THIS MORNING which means I should be recieving mine before I actually run… but don’t worry. I won’t hang it on my wall until my run is complete. 😉

I’ll be receiving the medal with the ghost on it for completing a half marathon!

After I receive my next paycheck, and make sure I have enough to pay my rent and all my bills, I really want to sign up for BOTH of the winter half marathons they are putting together in December, the Ho Ho Ho Run and the Winter Run! Again, the money will go towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and by buying my way into BOTH races that means I’ll be getting a discount.

The Ho Ho Ho Run & the Winter Run finisher medals!

They have already posted January’s theme and finisher medals which looks exciting but it’s not even December yet so I’m not quite looking that far ahead. It is on my calender as a reminder though! It looks like January’s race is either a 5/10k or a 10-mile run… no half marathon. If I decide to run this virtual run it will be a good break from doing a half but still doing a good distance.

If you are into virtual runs, or even if this is the first time you’ve heard of a virtual run, I would highly suggest checking out their website and perhaps signing up for a run! I know I’m excited about this!!


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