Potential Races for 2013!

25 Sep


I’ve had a lot of offers lately from family and friends to join them in races they are doing in the next year. I haven’t yet signed up for any races in 2013, but I do have quite a few in mind. If anyone has done any of these I would love to hear feedback!!

I have a cousin who lives in Minnesota who is thinking about running the Foam Fest 5k in Chicago on June 22nd. I originally planned on doing the Foam Fest in Nashville, TN with my mom and some of her friends in May BUT if I save up and sign up for the Chicago run that means I can see my cousin who I don’t get to see often.

Plus the day after the Foam Fest there’s a half marathon right there in Chicago that we’re thinking about doing as well. That means that I could knock Illinois off my map!! It’s the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon that I’ve heard is really good! As far as I could tell, last year was the first year for this race. It’s always better to run a race after the first year because that gives the organization some time to tweak parts of the race that may have not gone as planned the first time around. My cousin told me that registration opens next week. I probably won’t be signing up that early but hopefully can sign up in the next couple of weeks if I decide to go ahead and run these races!

I think I’m meant to run this race too! I got a sign from above that I’m suppose to be there. When my cousin told me about this race I googled it to find the website and do a bit of research, but instead of pushing the search button I accidentally hit the images button and within the first couple of images this is what came up…

If this isn’t a sign I should do this race… I don’t know what is! That’s my name on this persons bib number!


I was also talking to my best friend yesterday and she was telling me that she’s running her first half marathon next spring and invited me to come run with her! The best part about this… besides being able to hang out with my best friend… is that this race is in DC!! If I do this race that means I could knock out another state off my list! 😀


She hasn’t decided for sure which one her and her cousin are doing yet but they are thinking about the Rock ‘n Roll DC Half Marathon. I told her that the Rock ‘n Roll series are always good ones to run and that I’ve run a great number of these in various states. I’m hoping that it all works out that I can make it to visit her for a bit and run this race with her!



If anyone has done any of these races (the Foam Fest, Chicago Women’s Half, or the Rock ‘n Roll DC run) I would love to hear your feedback about the race!!








2 Responses to “Potential Races for 2013!”

  1. Darlene October 2, 2012 at 13:12 #

    Sounds like a great race schedule.

  2. Erin, the best cousin EVER! October 10, 2012 at 05:35 #

    I don’t see you on facebook, so I thought I’d leave you a message here. It looks like the Chicago Foam Fest got moved to another day. I’m looking into skipping the foam fest and doing the Chicago Women’s or picking another city for the foam fest and finding a half to go with it. Possibly Detroit on June 8th and 9th, or Vegas when they pick a date. I’ll keep you updated. (Did you register for the Chicago Womens yet? If you did it would make my decision so much easier!)

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