The Color Run: Race Recap (Part Two)

21 Sep

Here’s to part two of the race recap of The Color Run. Though I split the review up into two entries I can still tell this one is going to be a long (but good) one, so get ready!


Before we arrived at the race we were exhausted from sitting in traffic for nearly an hour! I was surprised at the small amount of police cars I saw helping with traffic… come to think of it I saw none what so ever. It was very annoying but we kept our energy high by singing to PINK and FUN and all those other upbeat jams you hear on the radio at seven am. We even found that once we finally got a parking spot at the race and got to the start line that the theme song of the run was Carly Rae Jepson’s, ‘Call Me Maybe’. Though Mom doesn’t know all the words, don’t worry though.. she worked on it ALL weekend, it’s still her favorite song.

Before we left home Mom had researched and read up on various suggestions people had who had done The Color Run before. One thing she read, which I suggest to anyone running this race, is if you plan to take your cell phone with you put it in a small zip lock bag while you run. That way it doesn’t get damaged by the color. Good idea, yes, but I have to say the photos that I took from inside the bag were a little foggy. I did cheat and take it out to get photos of the color throws at the after party and there was one point where heaps of color got on my phone, but it hasn’t broken down yet so I can’t imagine it can be THAT bad for my phone.

She also read that wearing goggles helps to keep the color out from your eyes. I didn’t think much of it at first but after we hit the first color station I could have used a good pair of goggles.


The race itself was pretty amazing! It didn’t even feel like I had just done 3.1 miles… I think the color and stopping to take photos at every color station with my Mom threw me off. That’s ok though, I knew I wasn’t going to be doing this race for a PT anyways so I just decided to take my time and have fun with it!

The start line was just as I expected… HEAPS of white! They could only let so many people over the start line at a time so it took a long time to start but I think we only started 14 minutes past the actual start time. That’s better than the people who were starting as we were finishing! I guess the track could only hold so many people and they didn’t want it to get too crowded, which makes sense.

My Mom and I were ready with our white shirts, white headbands (that we wore on our wrist), and our temporary tattoos they gave us at the pack-it pick up!

This is our BEFORE photo!

Our temporary tattoos :)The first color

The first color we came across was yellow. I got so excited when we got our first glance of the color dusk rising into the sky!!

Our first sighting of the first color… yellow!

Mom was a little disappointed that she didn’t get as much color as she wanted so at all the other color stations she ran real close to the people throwing color to get as much as she could!

First station down!

We kept our running/jogging pace until we hit our next color station which was pink! I got a pretty good photo of Mom running through the color but since I was taking the photo through the plastic bag my phone was in the photo is a bit foggy. It’s better than nothing though, eh?

Mom was having SO much fun!!

After the pink was blue, where we found LINES of people waiting to be sprayed down with color! The middle of the road was nearly empty because everyone was on the outskirts of the road walking next to the people with the color.

Than finally we hit the orange station! I believe this was the last station. There were green flags around it which made Mom and I think it was green color that we were going to get but were pleasantly surprised when we got there and it was all orange… no green in sight. Makes me wonder if they started out with green and ran out before we got there?

Another good photo of Mom! I really need to teach her how to use my camera so I there can be just as many photos of me next time 😛

It wasn’t too much farther after the orange station that we could see the FINISH line! Of course, once we got up there we couldn’t even sprint across the line like we had planned. We had to walk across it because there were so many people who were moving extremely slowing. This was the first race I have ever not sprinted across the finish line! I wasn’t totally upset about it because I knew it was a big race (nearly 4,000 participants!!) but it was a little disappointing to walk across the finish line.

After we crossed the finish line with Mom’s friend, we met up with the her other co-workers who did the race as well and headed to the after party (which consisted of LOTS of music and even MORE color)! I was a little upset that at the finish line they only had bottled water. Not every 5k has finishing snacks but I would say a good majority of the ones I’ve done have had at least apples or bananas or some sort of granola bars. I know this was a HUGE race but it would have been nice to have something to munch on at the finish line.

Remember the BEFORE photo at the beginning of the entry? Well here’s what me and Mom looked like by the end of the run! All covered in color!

Our AFTER photo!

The color packs they handed out when we got our bib numbers and shirts we used at the after party to do color throws while they played music. They would count down from ten and when they said ONE we’d open our color and throw it into the air all together! It looked way cool!

Here’s some more of the photos we took from the after party!

This was beyond the best 5k I’ve ever done!! Before we could leave the race site to head back to the hotel we first had to find the car key that my Mom lost IN THE CROWD near the stage! (She’s going to hate me for bringing this up in my blog, but what can I say… it’s all part of the adventure, right?). My Mom’s co-worker drove all of us to the run and gave the car key to my Mom to put in her zipper compartment with her package of color. We guessed that as she pulled out her color the car key fell out and was on the ground somewhere amongst the 4,000 people who were there! Luckily, my Mom’s other co-worker walked to the stage and asked if there were any car keys that had been turned in and what do you know! The car key returned! We all had a good laugh about it after the fact!


After we returned to the hotel, we decided to shower and get cleaned up to go out and have a nice lunch with the group. unfortunately showering and cleaning up was not as easy as we thought! We found that we had to literally SCRUB ourselves twice as hard to get the dried color off our skin. As my Mom was getting out of the shower and I was getting in, our room service lady knocked on our door and asked if we needed anymore towels. We asked for a few more towels and some wash clothes because we may or may not have ruined a washcloth since we couldn’t get the green out. She was so nice and told us just to take it home and throw it away because the hotel will want to charge us for it.

Had to take a photo of the washcloth we ruined… oops!

Before I hopped in the shower I also decided to compare the white parts of my headband and the white parts of my socks to the colored part…. quite funny if you ask me!

My headband before and after

My socks before and after

As I stated in either this entry or the last, I was very surprised that our hotel didn’t have a breakfast that they served on the weekends! There was a sports restuart, a bar, and a Starbucks on the main floor but no breakfast bar for guest! Because of this I ended up going to Starbucks to grab breakfast after the run… not the healthiest breakfast at all but it was SO delicious! I got a caramel frappechino and a piece of lemon loaf bread. So so good!

My not so healthy but most delicious post run meal! Starbucks it is!

After getting dolled up we headed out to Carytown to hit up the little shops at find someplace nice to eat lunch.

Carytown… such a cute little road of shops! Highly suggest it to anyone in the Richmond area!

We found an Italian restaurant called ‘Anici Halian’ (I think) that was closing for lunch just as we walked in but since there weren’t very many of us the chef told the waiter to let us in and give us a table and he would just close the kitchen after he was done making our food. He was so extremely nice! I feel like I could write a whole entry just on this restaurant! The food was absolutely amazing! Mom and I ended up getting the same thing, cheese and spinach ravioli in a cream sauce. At first I wasn’t so sure about the cream sauce at first but it ended up being suburb!

My cheese and spinach ravioli in cream sauce… delicious!

Mom & I after lunch. We clean up pretty well, eh? 🙂

Is it odd to say that I was more impressed with the food on this trip than the nice hotel we stayed in? I truly feel that way though. Though it was a nice hotel there are lots of things through out the weekend where I went, “really??”. Oh well, now we know for next time, right?

While in Carytown we also found a chocolate store where the ladies we were with headed straight for after lunch. I wasn’t sure I was going to find anything for myself there since I’m not a huge fan of chocolate but WAS I WRONG!! This place was like the chocolate factory in Willie Wonka! There was so much more than chocolate squeezed into that tiny store. I even found these caramel waffles that I’ve only ever found at select (fancy) food shops that are far and few between. I think the last time I got them was last year at nice grocery store and the time before that was years ago at the International Festival that happens around here every year. These are so good and if you ever get the chance to try them, you should!

So happy to find these caramel waffles at the chocolate shop!

The Color Run and the whole weekend in general was amazing! I’m so glad that I got to go and hangout with my Mom all weekend! My greatest suggestion for next year is to have flavored color powder! That would accidently swallowing it make it at least taste a tad better! Suggestions for anyone looking for a fun run…. The Color Run!! 🙂


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  1. Darlene October 2, 2012 at 13:14 #

    We had a Color Me Rad 5k here and a lot of my friends did it and had fun. I had already signed up for another 5k.


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