The Color Run: Race Recap (Part One)

18 Sep

I can already tell this entry is going to be lengthy so I’ve decided to break it up into two entries. This one is going to be more of the pre-race happenings while the next one will cover the actual race and my after thoughts.

When they say The Color Run is the ‘Happiest 5k on the planet’ they aren’t lying!! This was probably the best 5k I’ve done thus far! It was fun before we even left the house! Mom found window chalk in the kitchen drawers (funny place to keep the window chalk, right?) so we decided to chalk the windows with fun stuff for the run!

What’s pretty amazing is that between the day we left and today I’ve gotten a good amount of new followers on twitter! Not sure if it was the window chalk or the obsessive amounts of updates I put up throughout the weekend but if you are a new follower THANK YOU!

Once my mom & I got to Virginia we went straight to the pack-it pick up to get our shirts and our bib numbers. That’s where we saw the first sight of The Color Run flags!! That’s when it all hit me and I started to get super excited!

After we went through the line of getting our bibs and our shirts (and our free can of red bull!!) Mom & I went to look at the merchandise they had for sale. They had really cute t-back tanks that said ‘The Color Run’ but I decided against it just because right before I left for Virginia I realize just how many clothes I have and am currently trying to get RID of clothes… not get more. So I ended up not getting the tank but I did buy a bumper sticker!

After we met Mom’s three co-workers at the pack-it pick up we followed them to the hotel to get settled in. I have to say, I was a little disappointed in the hotel. We paid enough for a nice stay and I wasn’t overly thrilled unfortunately. Mom and I were staying in a room right next to the stair well, which was good I guess incase there was a fire, but I think that’s where we kept hearing this really annoying, high-pitched noise from! Either that or one of my mom’s co-workers said the elevators but those were almost all the way on the other side of the hallway. Either way, that noise kept me up nearly ALL night Friday night! It was dreadful! Didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before the race but I was still pretty pumped come Saturday.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself here though. After we got settled into our hotel rooms, we met back in the lobby with the other girls and decided on a restuarnt that didn’t look that far away. Google maps said it was just two miles down the road so we figured we could walk and it would be alright. FOURTY FIVE minutes later we finally got there! That was after walking almost all the way down Broad Street (the scariest street in Richmond!), through a college campus, and past a cute neighborhood of adorable houses we all wished we could have! The walk was nice though by the time we got there all five of us were starving!!

The lady at the restuart tried to tell us that we couldn’t eat there at first because they had a ‘big party’ coming in about two hours after we arrived and they had to keep the tables clear, but then she went to talk to the manager and said as long as we were out by the time the ‘big party’ arrived we could stay. I ended up ordering a falafel dish that was SOOOO delicious!! There was pita bread pieces with falafel bites and some yummy veggie type food in the middle of the dish to dip the pita bread in. If this restuart were in NC I would be in trouble because this dish was the best falafel dish I’ve ever tasted!

My pre race falafel dinner on Friday night! So good!

We decided to take a taxi back to the hotel because it was dark outside by the time we were done eating and we didn’t want to take a risk on roads we didn’t know… especially Broad Street! Once we got back to the hotel I set out my outfit for Saturday morning, got ready for bed, and laid down excited about Saturdays race!

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