Three Things Thursday

14 Sep


First and foremost I want to wish my brother a very Happy Birthday!!! We haven’t done much to celebrate so far but I think he has requested pasta for dinner so I see a nice family dinner in our future.

2.   Cupcake Classic Spectacular 5k

Mom & I found a new virtual 5k that we signed up for! It’s the Virtual Cupcake Classic Spectacular being held by Run with Jess at

It was a FREE registration… and there’s still room so go register now! You can complete your 5k anywhere around your neighborhood between the dates of Oct. 14-21. My mom and I also ordered a finishers medal for this 5k which I am so excited for!! We had to pay for those ourselves but they are only $7. If this were not a virtual 5k, you would pay at least $15 for the race where you would get your bib number of course and most likely a t-shirt but not too many 5k races hand out medals to every runner. Since the bib numbers are FREE (they will be emailed to us closer to the run) Mom & I figured $7 for a medal isn’t bad at all! Plus, when I showed Mom the medal she flipped! She thought they were so cute!! I couldn’t help but get on and order us each one right than! Run with Jess also has short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts you can order too but I already have HEAPS of running shirts! They are pretty cute but lately I’ve found that I’ve been trying to get rid of clothes, which is hard when you get so many free shirts from races.

Shirts we did not order but are available for those who want them.









3. Countdown Until the Color Run: 27 HOURS!!

In just about 12 hours Mom & I are leaving North Carolina for Richmond, VA for the weekend!! I am SO excited! Not only because I’ll be running my first color run on Saturday but also because I’ll be getting to spend the whole weekend with my Mom… which I haven’t done in a long time! Actually, it’s not just me and Mom that will be spending the weekend together. Three or four of Mom’s co-workers from work, all girls, are coming along and running the race with us! I think I’ve met most of the other girls who are coming but regardless I am ready for a good girls weekend!

I think our plan tomorrow is to leave our house around Noon, putting us in Richmond in the early afternoon sometime, than heading to the expo to pick up our bib numbers and t-shirts, than probably taking the rest of the evening to relax. I should be tweeting the whole weekend so be sure to follow me @running50states


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