I See This Race in my Future!

11 Sep

Last week my mom went to show me this new race ad she got in her email. As she was pulling it up on her IPad I was thinking, “I wonder what kind of race she found this time… a half marathon on a cruise ship… another Disney half that I can’t afford right now… a new Rock ‘n Roll series race in a state that I haven’t ran in yet.” Than she showed me and I was blown away! The 5k Foam Fest in Nashville, TN!! She explained how it’s similar to the color run except instead of heaps of colored powder there is 3.1 miles of bubbles and foam! I could tell she wasn’t playing around with this race. Though the race isn’t until May, I know she’s already marked it in her calender and is planning on signing up any day now!

I enjoy all these adventure 5k’s that are now getting so popular around the area. First the color run (which reminds me, I have four days until I’m in my running shoes running that race!), than I got notices about Mud Runs (a 5k race through puddles of deep mud), Warrior Dashes (an obsticle mud run), etc. They seem SUPER fun and I’m stoked to get more into them but I also feel like while running these adventure races I won’t so much be running for a PR but more just to have fun. There’s nothing wrong with that at all mind you, I just want to make sure I’m fitting in other proper races in the year to beat my PR!

What’s great about this Foam Fest in Nashville is that my mom said one of her friends is from there… or lives there currently (I can’t remember which). That would be great if she could take a day and be our tour guide of the area, maybe even run the race with us if she’s a runner! Who knows, she may even have an extra room or two in her house that we could stay in for the weekend or even just a night instead of getting a hotel. I would even be willing to make a deal with said friend from Nashville. A free stay at her place for favors around the house. It would go something like this,

“Dear mom’s friend from Nashville, I don’t think I have ever had the pleasure of meeting you but I am always open to meeting new faces and making new friends. We could start off what I think would be a great friendship by having a sleepover at your house the weekend of May 4th…. oh look! That just so happens to be the weekend of the Foam Fest 5k!! I’m a pretty clean person so you don’t have to worry about me making your house look like a pig style. I love any type of pet, even those reptiles that should be in a zoo but people think they make good pets… yea, I’m ok with those too. I love kids! Not enough to have my own right now but I’ll babysit for you anytime through out the weekend, except for the time of the Foam Fest 5k that is. Need a break from cooking? I can cook for you… all weekend… every meal! It may not be much but mac ‘n cheese or toast or a micro meal but it’s the thought that counts, eh? (Trust me, you do NOT want me to make anything much more difficult than mac ‘n cheese… it never turns out well!) I think this could be a great friendship!

Sincerly, your new BFF”

All this to say that I’m already very excited about this Foam Fest in May! I’ve already done a race in Nashville (the Country Music 1/2) but I am more than willing to venture back to Nashville for this adventure race!


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