DefyGravity Review

29 Aug

Last week I went to a trapoline class with my Mom. I didn’t think too much of it honestly. The first thing I thought of before I saw photos was those little individual trapolines from the 80’s that you see in the excersise videos.

Than I saw photos on my sisters facebook page of these MASSIVE trapoline floors!! Nothing like I imagined at all! My excitement went from zero to 100 in seconds after seeing what this place was all about!

After a late night out the night before from celebrating a friends 25th birthday, I woke myself up at 7am in prepartion for this eight o’clock class. I was surprisenly quite awake for not getting a lot of sleep, but questioned how my body would take jumping up and down for a whole hour.

Once I arrived at DefyGravity and saw the trapolines I seemed to have forgotten how tired I was and the excitement in me rose. We started by doing a bit of stretching and small jumps here and there and than worked our way into taller jumps, doing starfish jumps, knee high jumps, etc. There were even enough trapolines that each of us could have two so we were able to jump back and forth acouple times…. Which is harder than you may think!

Playing around after class!

After the class I jumped around for afew more minutes to cool off than my mom and I went to the foam pit! Remember when I showed the photo last time I said, “I don’t know exactly what this part of the room is for but it looks SO fun!” Well I found out. It’s a HUGE foam pit… Reminds me of the ball pits at chuck-e-cheese. I think I jumped in three times and none of those times could I feel the bottom of the pit! It’s literally a huge pool of foam blocks!! I swear that thing is taller than I am. I seriously had to swim my way out of the foam blocks… Which, again, is much harder than it seems! I was exhausted by the time that I climbed my way out of the pool of foam blocks!

After ‘swimming’ out of the foam pit… it’s more exhausting than you may think!

Mom jumping into the foam pit!

Mom ‘swimming’ to land!

I would definetly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new type of excersise, but is also looking for a challenge. I’m so proud of my Mom for finding something that she has fallen in love with and continues to come to time after time!


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