Lots of Fun Events in my Future!

15 Aug

After two and a half months of pretty much taking off from training, I am back! After summer camp I traveled up to New York for afew days than spent my birthday at Niagara Falls and walked across the border into Canada! Now that I’m back from traveling I am ready to get back into the routine of running and training for all my upcoming races!

Last week my mom signed me up for a trapoline class at DefyGravity. The class takes place this Saturday and I am so ready! Over the summer my sister and my mom went and it looked like SO much fun! I think I couldn’t make it because I was working on that weekend but now that my summer job is over I jumped on the chance of attending the class and seeing what all the hype was about. Apparenetly you have to sign up for the classes way ahead of time because they are so popular. Really though, who wouldn’t want to jump around on THIS all morning?!?!?!

Not quite sure what this floor (or foam pit) is for but it looks AMAZING!!

My Mom & Sister last time they went!

I’m sure there will be an update shortly after my trapoline adventures to tell you all about it! The agreement that my mother had when she signed me up was, “just don’t break any bones!” I told her I couldn’t make any promises but I would do my best not to. 😛

Other exciting news is that in a month exactly I will be in Richmond, Virginia, running The Color Run!!!

I am so stoked about this race! As popular as it is I thought it would be years until I could get my hand on a registration and not pay an arm and a leg for it. Turns out that my mom and two of her co-workers are making their way to Richmond for the weekend to run it and invited me!! Of course I couldn’t turn down a chance to run a race… and the color run non-the-less. We’ve decided to make it into a girls weekend too, which is even better!

One of the pretty cool things about this race is that it’s non-timed. That can be a good thing or a bad thing I suppose… knowing me I’ll probably still time myself throughout the race but I don’t imagine it will be a good time at all because I’ll be having so much fun with all the color dust. So really another part of me wonders why I should even time myself in the first place. We’ll see what happens on race day.

I love the fact that at each kilometer you get bolted with another color of dust! So by the end, by the time you reach the 5K mark, you are covered with five different colors of dust that shows your accomplishment of finishing this race. That’s another thing as well, you don’t have to be a strong runner to participate. Walkers are welcome to join and walk the course as well!

Speaking of the map, it looks like a pretty simple course. First of all it’s Richmond which means there aren’t that many hills and it should be gorgeous this time of year! The temperature should be perfect too! I am a little concerned that the run starts at 9am, opposed to an early start like 6.45 or 7, but than again if we won’t be racing as much as frolicking in the colored dust than a 9am start should be ok!

Looks like a pretty simple (and colorful) course! 🙂

I slacked off a bit in July and August by not running a race but I’m excited about this color run in September, the Rhode Island Half in October, than my Half in LA in November! Than I’m looking for a really great holiday 5K or 10K to do in December. So pumped and ready for all these races!!

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  1. asstastic04 August 16, 2012 at 15:36 #

    I like reading your post seems like you live a really interesting life

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