Nine Mile Bike Ride AND Zumba in One Day?!?!

10 Jun

My plan for today was to sleep in as long as my exhausted body would let me, than when ever I woke up I would head out for a run. Well I’m sad to say that I didn’t run today BUT I did go out and excersise TWICE today… all before 2pm!

Instead of sleeping in this morning, my mom woke me up alittle before 9am and said her & my dad were going on a bike ride. Even though I was still super tired I decided it would be a good wake up for me to go with them. Little did I know it was going to be a nine mile bike ride!!! All pushed aside, it was a good ride. The place my mom took us was a new trail for me so that was nice to get off the beaten road and try something new!

“Look Mom! No Feet!” *tried to ride with no hands but decided against that for the photo after I almost fell over… πŸ˜›

We got home a little before noon and I found afew texts messages on my phone from my sister saying she was leaving her apartment shortly to attend a Zumba class with some of her co-workers and asked me to come. I figured since every other Sunday this summer I have to be at work early I should take this chance to try Zumba… even if I had just gotten back from an hour of biking. I quickly chugged a glass of ice water, changed my clothes, put deodorant on so maybe people couldn’t tell I hadn’t showered yet today, and I was out the door on my way to Morrisville. I have to say I think I have found a new excersising love!! ZUMBA IS AMAZING!! If I could I would go to that class every Sunday I would! I’ll have to try and find a class on Saturdays, maybe closer to the sumer camp I work at, to attend on the weekends.

This is my ‘I LOVE ZUMBA’ face!! It was soooo great!

I don’t even know how I am still awake and alert right now. I’m thinking I’ll probably crash at some insane hour this evening, but that’s a good thing. I have plans to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow (literally) to head to the pool and swim laps before heading back to camp.


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