Nervous But Excited

5 Jun

I’ve titled this entry Nervous But Excited for acouple reasons. First of all, Nervous But Excited is the name of my new favorite band. They are a folk band who are from up north who I saw last week for the first time ever. I had never heard of them before, but I was excited to hear that a folk band was playing at a house party when I was actually in Wilmington. The first song really got me and I was hooked from than on. If you like folkish music you all should check them out at .

The second reason that I’ve titled my entry Nervous But Excited is that I signed up for the Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon in LA, California today. As I was signing up for it I was reading all the details and I read through the elevation facts again and the notes for the runners that said ‘you must be prepaired for this run’ which means that I need to get training. Sad part is that I’m at camp for the next two months next to a lake where the roads (and trails) are fairly flat. Not mainy ‘trails’ around here… and the ones that are here are fairly flat so that won’t help me running my half marathon in the mountains. I’m thinking about taking a weekend trip to the mountains here in NC and just running on Saturday… all day. Of course I’ll need to continnue my trail training, and running in the mountains, as much as I can between now and November but I think as long as I keep myself in shape and keep running while at camp I should be good.

Speaking of running while at camp… hasn’t happened too much lately. It’s so difficult to find any free time while training. Come to think of it there were a good four nights where I barely slept because of various reasons… so you can probably imagine I didn’t want to run too much after not sleeping for many nights. Now that we aren’t in joint training anymore and the other camps that we were training with have left our property it may be easier to find time in the mornings to run. But we’ll have to see. It will most likely be easier once the kids get to camp in a week and a half. Still have alot to do for training though (camp wise AND running wise)…


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