Do These Shoes Make My Feet Look Fat?

18 May

I think I’m in love! I’ve been looking into getting Vibrams (or the cheaper knock-off version) for months now. I’ve heard really good things about these types of toe shoes and I’ve heard ok things about them, but after months of asking myself if I wanted to spend that much money on running shoes that would take a long time to get used to…

To buy vibrams or not to buy vibrams? That is the question.

I finally gave in! Earlier in the week my mom and I went to the mall and I tried on the Fila brand toe shoes and found them comfertable enough, but once I tried on vibrams I was sold! BUT THAN (it get’s better!!) the employee that was helping me try on the shoes said, “we have a 20% off coupon coming out on Friday that you can use on Vibrams” so I told her I would be back today. Turns out I couldn’t even use the coupon because the shoes were on clearance anyways but they turned out cheaper on clearance than if I would have used the coupon so it all worked out!

Finally got around to buying my Vibrams!!! 🙂

Happy Feet!!!

I decided to go with the Komodosport LS kind because they are really good for running (though it will take awhile before I’m running in them) and water type sports like kayaking. The material seems alot better than the knock off brands I tried on too which is really nice!

I think the puppy even approves of them!

What’s great about these shoes is that they work different parts of your feet and legs than regualar running shoes. They are suppose to be healthier for your feet in the sense that they help your balance and range of motion. I’m sure I’ll be writing a review on them in the next couple of weeks! They bottoms are slip resistant too… SEE!

For the record this was a very fun photo to take.. haha!

I’m so excited to break into them in the next couple of weeks! I have a 5k race tomorrow in which I’ll wear my regular running shoes but than have a family get together at my cousins house who lives just down the street so I may wear them to their house!

Have you tried Vibrams? What do you think about toe shoes?


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